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Lauren sat on the white sand of 'Beady Pool' situated at the northern end of the small island of St Agnes. Named after the red beads from the cargo of ship wrecked nearby. When we received the films back from this camping trip we laughed because there was a fishing rod in nearly every shot. We did catch our first sea fish; two Ballan Wrasse. Like us they could have been a pair of lovers on an adventure of their own, so back to the ocean they went. We all get hooked at times in our lives. Let's hope that whatever is at the other end of the line decides to throw us back home too. This trip was a special one. 🌿
The good news is that we also printed a sweet new batch of issue three. Our online store is now brimming with fresh copies and a bunch are heading out to our stockist as we speak. Bad news is I fitted a new rubber seal to our sliding door and it's making a mockery of the door alignment. Hit the link in our bio to grab a copy ✌🏻🌿 thanks for the rad photo @secretcaravan Cover illustration by @daviddoran_ #therollinghome #alternativeliving #vanlife #selfpublished
How can lines define the interior design of small spaces? Which is more important; material choice, dimensions, form, weight or build quality? From a design perspective the #vanlife movement offers valuable insight into human interior design. How our needs match, yet also differ in an incredible variety of designs and influences. #therollinghome #selfbuilt #vanlife
Thanks to all of the enquiries- we begged, borrowed and stole to bring you a reprint of issue One. Hot off the press, get your copy while stocks last ✌🏻140 pages exploring alternative living, van travel and general rad times, including the images on these pages by @jamesbarkman #therollinghome #indiepublishing #vanlife
The kitchen needed a finishing touch. I have a bunch of this beautiful iroko left over from our floor. Planning on using this down time to finish a small line of wooden van accessories & furniture. Who would be interested? #therollinghome #selfbuilt #vanlife
We moved out of our van into a room two weeks ago. After receiving an offer for a short rental on a room back in Cornwall we were somewhat torn on how to spend winter. Admittedly the bleak weather made the decision a little easier. We are not sure how long we will be in the room, I guess as long as we enjoy it and it is financially viable. Most likely until we find the larger base vehicle we have been searching for the past few months. Something to park up on a piece of land and build a deck and veg garden.....Always having the van there to take over is really important. Adjusting to having a bricks and mortar home is strangely easy, yet I could fill a book on what I miss about waking up in the van. What we now know is that alternative living encompasses all parts of our time, not just where you choose to rest your head. We are continuing our mission to celebrate alternative living through the Journal. Exploring its diversity and appeal. Right now we are scheming to escape to a Ireland in a few weeks, but for now how amazing is a hot shower? #houselife #normalliving
We updated The Rolling Home site with a selection of articles from issues 1,2 & 3 of the Journal. If these don't quench your thirst for alternative living you can still purchase the print Journal and read it in all of its glory ✌🏻(ps restock of issue one next week 🔥) Hit the link in our bio and follow The Rolling Home Tab to visit the site #therollinghome #alternativeliving #indiepublishing
Patagonia leads the way in our eyes; ethically speaking they are second to none - 'Repair is a radical act' is the story of the Patagonia Worn Wear Tour, a way of bringing new life to old, often extremely well used, items of clothing. Find the article in issue three and more info on the tour over on the Patagonia site ✌🏻#therollinghome #patagonia
Soon after arriving, Simon and Cécile are busy cooking a ramen on the bonfire, a sure sign of their love of food, they are two trained chefs living out of a small van, pure and simple. This was back in June, come September we got to hang out again, spending a rad (but unsuccessful) day fishing. Thanks for the great times dudes ✌🏻hope your rolling again soon! @radiusandulna - ps They also wrote a fantastic article that you can find in issue three of the Journal 🔥🔥🔥#rollinghomes #vanlife #alternativeliving
Our friends at Moy Hill Garden have created something very special. Back in 2015 they founded a CSA partnership (Community Supported Agriculture) after teaming together to purchase 17 acres of wild land on the west coast of Ireland. With a simple mission to feed themselves and local people. I met the guys a few years back and witnessed their dedication, knees deep in wet mud, living off the land and jumping in the ocean whenever they could. Since then they have planted over 12000 trees via their charity 'Hometree'. The project is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to purchase a further 60 acres, allowing them to develop the farm, offer a place for people to live/work and above all feel happy. This is not only an inspiring example of a group of people living alternatively for the benefit of themselves, but also to the benefit of the local community. Hit their profile and find out more @moyhillfarm Photos courtesy of the crew ✌🏻#moyhill #csa #alternativeliving
Happy Friday ✌🏻photo of Issue Three by @thomasrhobbs Cover by @daviddoran_ 🌿🚌🔥available from our online store. Link in our bio. #therollinghome #vanlife #fridayvibes
Summer Sale end midnight tonight BST. We have been running a 20% discount across our store and publications. Thank you to everyone who has ordered in the past week. The sale finishes tonight so head on over to avoid disappointment ✌🏻link in our bio. #therollinghome #independentpublishing #vanlife
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