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The river winding through Dean Village, #Edinburgh yesterday from above and in full bloom ☀️ Random fact: While shooting this almost every dog being walked by the bridge below went in the water and had a splash about to get out of the sun 🐶💦
Lady Stair's House at the Lawnmarket in Edinburgh- The Writers Museum on the left 📖 Built 1622, the Writers Museum features the works and lives of Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson and Robert Burns. The cobblestones throughout the close are inscribed with awesome quotes and inscriptions from famous Scots
Some parts of Edinburgh have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Nowhere is that more apparent than Stockbridge, where the calm, quiet and running water put you in mind of some of Scotlands best poets and writers who sat right here 100+ years ago 📖
A very misty Princes Street
Sometimes the photo Gods smile upon you and you catch the perfect moment out of the corner of your eye- a random citizen posing in just the right way in just the right location with just the right light while I passed by 😃
An overhead shot of Edinburgh looking particularly blue in the sunlight- The Crescents of New Town with St Mary's Cathedral at the back ☀️
How many people can you count?  Evening sunset through the pillars of The National Monument on Calton Hill, Edinburgh last Sunday ☀️😃
Garden maintenance in Circus Lane, Edinburgh 🍂 Has anyone seen Circus Lane in Glasgow? I didn't even know they had one!
Hi there 😊 Just a Woodland selfie- playing with soft light
Another woodland experiment- this time with mystical autumnal colour adjustment 🌲🍂
I was lucky enough to fly over Edinburgh on Sunday and get a unique perspective on some of the cities landmarks. Here's Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street and New Town from above 😃
No special effects, just a plain old gloomy woodland shot 😃
I posted a dark and gloomy Highlight today so here's a bright happy mix of nature and the city for the flip side- This is the spire of Tolbooth Kirk, built 1842 at the top of the Royal Mile (and the highest point in Edinburgh). It's now called The Hub and used as a Fringe Festival point and performance & events location I had no idea what it was until I looked it up for this post and always called it the "off-centre tower" cause whenever you shoot it from New College it pans slightly to the left between the turrets 😕
Another upward shot from Dunmmore House showing the turrets and ramparts of the Tudor Gothic manor house,, built 200 years ago, it was the largest part of Dunmore Estate (of Scotlands famous giant Pineapple building and farm)
Starting to enjoy making these more creative woodland images. Here's another woodland pan with an overly harsh blue cast 🌲 Let me know your thoughts 👍
Leith Waters running through Dean Village in Edinburgh during Scotlands rare 72 hours of summer 🌞🌞🌞 I joke but we're actually going through the second half of a national heat-wave at the moment ☀️
Another local evening woodland shot. I love these cause I just happen to be visiting the same places while walking the doggo so sooner or later you get to see the same "boring" places in beautiful light, with different weather, or in a different season, meaning you get a variety of different choices and options for shooting the same simple spots. That said, you also end up with dogs arses in a lot of your shot 😁 Lazy photographer ftw!
The Misty Woods- Dog walker edition Another shot close to home- f1.8 1/250 @50mm
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