Punky, diabetic, kilt-wearing photographer. Please tag me if you feature my work.

A vibrant red-sky sunset in Amsterdam ⛅️
Linking Love-Locks 🔗  From Edinburgh to Amsterdam 😄
Love-locks on the water 💝🔗 These love tokens are placed on bridges throughout the world- Has anyone come across any of these on their travels?
Sunset under the bridges
Passing by Spotted a couple swans going past this snowy trail through the trees- down by the local reservoir 🦆
A moment by the water through the ruins- A couple by the dock of the Loch shot through the walls of #Linlithgow Palace ruins
There's another micro-world inside there 🌱
A moment by the water Linlithgow Loch by the Palace ruins, Scotland
An evening stroll by the water Shot by #Linlithgow Loch, Scotland
The Forth Bridge is a complex, over-designed beauty of red and orange. Built 1882-1890, it employs teams of scrapers who work year round to provide the primary source of the ingredient that turns Irn Bru orange 😂
Part of my Woodland journey a couple nights ago
The Journey on towards Linlithgow Palace Ruins, from across the water
Everywhere else in the world is enjoying Spring but here in Scotland Winter is hanging around like an unwelcome guest after the party. Fortunately bad weather can make for moody shots 😄
A long exposure of evening water. When in doubt- keep photography simple
The spirits rise- Inside one of the verandas connecting parts of Hartwood Hospital- a now 20-year abandoned Victorian Hospital complex built 1895 in central Scotland (Glow = Hazing effect 😄👻 )
Long exposures for soft warm colours, half-sunken boats and streaks of light through the city streets- #Amsterdam  😃 I barely spent 72 hours in this city but I miss it- beautiful & laid back in equal measure
Crows Circle the Towers Hartwood Hospital- built 1895. Abandoned 20 years ago. This Victorian hospital complex in central Scotland once held its own railway line, cemetery and power plant
Some things are harder for me to shoot because of my location- I'm a distance away from water and I'm in an unexciting town known only for its shopping complex. So instead I shoot what I have around, and one thing Scotland has in spades is trees and rivers. So often creativity and art are about making interesting things out of uninteresting materials. That's what I've tried to capture here- something eventful or artistic in an otherwise uninteresting location ☀️
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