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TheNiceCast -vs- Everybody

Glass trailer is out and it looks so dope. James McAvoy in Split >>>>>>>>>> 😳😳😳 —— [Like. Follow. Play. @TheNiceCast ]
Always wanted to see Drax’s invisible ass🙂☺️😊 —— [Like. Follow. Play. @TheNiceCast ]
Scary times, man... And no I don’t agree with his tweets or his sense of humor. But, this.. Him getting fired over tweets from a decade ago. Can’t get behind that. Y’all know how hard it is to succeed in life and get to that level where you’re creating content millions of people will see. Any type of content. Small scale, big scale. To lose your livelihood? Wow. —— [Like. Follow. Play. @TheNiceCast ]
Venom IS coming out. It has nothing to do with Tom Holland’s underwhelming Spider-Man or Andrew Garfield’s superior Spider-Man. Accept it. Get over it. Move on. 🙂🙂🙂🙂 —— [Like. Follow. Play. @TheNiceCast ]
Had no idea James Gunn was married to Jenna Fischer. I was catching up on the tweets that have come to light about him talking very loosely about rape & having sex with kids. Tweets that are almost a decade old. I’m not going to go down the “James is cancelled” road. Assuming that’s just his idea of a sense of humor, I think it’s important to recognize that a tweet or IG post isn’t necessarily who that person is. People say shit on social media for a variety of reasons and they’re not even the person the tweets imply them to be. That goes for the negative things and the positive. A lot of people preaching positivity and motivation really don’t even live that life 🤢 —— [Like. Follow. Play. @TheNiceCast ]
I can only speak on lessons learned from starting TheNiceCast over the past three years. The most important thing is you gotta believe in yourself before anyone else. Even if it comes off arrogant. ‘Cause people will waste no time or energy in letting you know what you want is not possible. Also, f*ck everyone who ever doubted me or TNC. Y’all know EXACTLY who you are 😤 —— [Like. Follow. Play. @TheNiceCast ]
Gemma Chan.. Lord... She was amazing in Crazy Rich Asians. Her character deals with some real shit. And, she’s also going to be in Captain Marvel next year as Dr. Minn-Erva 😳😳 —— [Like. Follow. Play. @TheNiceCast ]
There’s so many things going on this week, there really may be a day when I make 20 posts. Make sure you hit the [Follow] button if you haven’t already and [Subscribe] to the YouTube as well 😳 —— [Like. Follow. Play. @TheNiceCast ]
All the feels [300 x BvS] —— [Like. Follow. Play. @TheNiceCast ]
Had to quickly rewind to make sure I heard that correctly lol. Also, I remember when I first watched BvS, I pretty much HATED Batman. Especially during the scene he carries Superman. Ugh I was lowkey initially like “YOO F*CK THIS MOVIE THIS ISN’T BATMAN.” But then I got the message... 😥🤧 —— [Like. Follow. Play. @TheNiceCast ]
Caught a screening of Crazy Rich Asians tonight and good lord. Everyone needs to go out and support & see this movie. Had me emotional AF and I wasn’t planning to do a deep life reflection today 😥 —— [Like. Follow. Play. @TheNiceCast ]
Maybe I should just start funneling my ideas and posts through popular accounts. Cause they’re “trash” when they come from me 🤧🤧🤧 —— [Like. Follow. Play. @TheNiceCast ]
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