Sean Gunn

Sean Gunn is a human person. He is currently alive.

If you’re worried about the state of journalism, rest assured that HLN is leading the way with important news.
“I could look at this all day.” #thebusiness #catsofinstagram
Hm. What have we here?
Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. #caturday #catsofinstagram #thebusiness
I love the Saturn Awards. It’s a great party, and a good excuse to dress like a rock star, or at least a karaoke rock star. #immarypoppinsyall #saturnawards
Couldn’t be more excited about the #antmanandthewasp premiere. In addition to my new #marvelfamily friends, it also stars two old friends from my days at the DePaul Theatre School, @missjudygreer & @dastmalchian !
I still can’t understand why Disney scrapped the Kraglin/Taserface buddy comedy with me & @sullivangrams. #gotgvol2
HAPPY CATURDAY. I’M WATCHING YOU. #caturday #catsofinstagram #thomashearns
Thanks to @eliharold_ for stopping by Sacramento Fandemic to say hi. Don’t tell my Con friends how much I geek out on pro athletes.
Happy birthday to @prattprattpratt. He may be funny, talented, handsome, kind, generous, forthright, successful, and smell like victory, but how good is he at staying awake all the time? (Hint: not very)
The Kraglin Pop is officially coming. When that genie asked me for one wish, I’m glad I didn’t waste it on world peace or something. (As reported by @jamesgunn ). #funko
I asked @tashalitas to marry me and she said yes. Or to be more precise she said, “a million times.”
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