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100% Natural Body Care Products Handmade in Fargo

Lavender Lemongrass... One of my favorites! What's your favorite?
Same name, NEW color!
Curse you popcorn ceiling!!! 😡
16 days!! Starts July 14th 10-2
I love finding little things like this when I'm working!
Loaves of Shave Soap
Lotion Bars poured and cooling.
What do you see in my soap?
Make your own gift sets! Open House tonight 4-8
These girls are ready!
The girls are ready for their bake sale. Lots of goodies! Tonight 4-8
Flower Child-Lavender & Patchouli. I used a technique called "The Dirty Pour." Makes me giggle! Tonight 4-8
Here they are!!! Open House Thurs & Fri 4-8
Show you care with these "Love" bath bombs. ❤️ Open House Thurs & Fri 4-8
Moment of Zen Soap would make a great gift for the moms/grandmas, the kid's teachers, nurses, and secretaries in your life. Open House- Thurs & Fri 4-8
Have you purchased our clay masques only to let them sit in your cupboard? Mixing them every time can be a pain (mine sits in the cupboard too). We leave them dry to avoid having to add a preservative and give you greater range of use (you choose the liquid to meet the needs of your skin). Try pre-mixing several masques in a container you can close. You'll be more likely to use it more frequently, getting maximum results and benefits. **Be aware of liquids that could mold or allow bacterial growth (i.e. Milk or tea). There are no chemicals in your clay masques to kill mold or bacteria (because they aren't good for your skin), BUT you don't want smear mold or bacteria on your face. Just make enough for about 2 weeks and always check your masque before applying.
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