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How do you feel about this? Do you wish we saw the classic purple suit instead? 🤔
Not gonna lie, I’m so excited to see @jparkerk3 in action ⚡️⚡️ - Photos by @canadagraphs
Wait.... hold up.. flashback or time travel?? 😱 - Photo credit to @yvrshoots on Twitter
This show has come a long way in terms of CGI, given its budget ⚡️ - Keep in mind, this is my personal opinion. Feel free to add your own to the list.
Who had the best glow-up?? ⚡️
Which Arrowverse character should’ve stayed dead??
Which character category is your favourite?? - Inspired by and collaborated with the legendary @q8.comic 🙌🏻
I’m excited to see what they’re gonna do and how it’ll fit into the crossover. Flash Family anyone?? ⚡️
Here is the long-requested post of speedster lightning colours ⚡️ - Their relation to the speed force: Yellow: beginner connection Orange: experienced connection Red: negative connection Blue: enhanced connection Purple: unknown connection?? White: altered connection Mixed: genetic connection
Which battle was better?? 😂
Who’s your favourite character from Young Justice?? ⚡️ - Post inspired by @historyoftheflash
Where would you live?? 🏠 - For those who don’t know, the Temporal Zone is a place where time and space does not exist, and the Waverider’s garage.
Do you prefer Team A or Team B?? - Inspired by @realworldofflash
Lightning or Blur?? ⚡️
Rate Incredibles 2 from 1-10
Which colour group is your favourite?? 🛑⚠️♻️🌀 - Inspired by @q8.comic
Arrowverse or Glee??
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