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[Follow @TheBatBrand !] What are your impressions of the DCEU moving forward now that you have seen the Shazam and Aquaman trailer? [SWIPE]. - Second edit: @dc_extended_universe
Those who watched the #Titans trailer this week, please let me know how Robin potentially killing people is “Badass”. - Art by @johntorresart - Comment your thoughts down below Bat Fam.
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Rate the Aquaman trailer from 1-10! SWIPE 👉🏻
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Which Batman movie have you watched the most?
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Who enjoyed Val Kilmer’s Batman? - Via: @uncannycomicquest
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Let me know your favorite DC location so far.
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] What would you think if @morenabaccarin were cast as Catwoman in the DCU? - 2nd edit by Adyy_Ledger. Cosplay and pet cat via @agflower_shu.
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] San Diego Comic Con is this month (July 19-22). What would you like DC/WB to announce and reveal? - Via: @heroaccess
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] You’ve probably seen the new look of @brentonthwaites as Robin in ‘Titans’. Let me know your impressions. - 3rd edit by @theblerdvision 4th edit by @dc.marvel.unite
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Which Batman had the best suit upgrade? - Art by @philchoart
Many reports have come out recently regarding the DCU Batman. Do you think Ben Affleck will remain in the role?
Just Chillin. Name your top 3 favorite Jokers below.
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