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Barber Featured: @o_g_walker 🔴used liquid pomade an fade2brown by @black_solutions ⚫️ @andisclippers masters an outliners
⚠️⚠️PLEASE READ BELOW⚠️⚠️ I have (2) Wahl Cordless Seniors for sale. These are in my hand, Ready to ship ASAP! N🚫 Pre-order N🚫 Bullsh**! As soon as you pay they will be shipped out via USPS priority mail ✔DM Only For Price & Purchase
Wise words from @shearfades 💯
Releasing Early 2018.....💈
📣📣📣 #Message Barber Featured: @iamtyrikjackson
Be more than just a Hair Cutter 💈💯 CJ - TheBarberSource
Barber Featured: @triple_barber Trimmer: Wahl detailer cordless
TheBarberSource Approved ✔✔✔ @andrewdoeshair - 1. It takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master something. There’s no shame in working in a high volume low price shop for a few years to develop this mastery faster. There’s no shame in that work ever, but even if your goal is low volume and high price, that’s easier to do after you can cut blindfolded. 2. Get yourself some mentors. Many of them. Online mentors, in person mentors, and from various backgrounds with varying advice. A fool thinks his own way is right and a wise man seeks counsel- and there’s more than one way to skin a cat. 3. Learn something about everything then learn everything about something. I guarantee the barber who knows how to round brush long hair is finishing his pomps and side parts better than the barber who only uses his hairdryer to dust off sneakers. 4. You will always be a “7th grader,” able to learn from an 8th trader and teach a 6th grader. There is no top of the food chain in a creative field, the “best” lives with leprechauns and Bigfoot. It’s a concept, a theory, not an actual title. 5. When you feel the urge to be a hater, that’s your subconscious telling you that you don’t understand what you’re seeing. If people pay it (or follow it) it’s not a rip off. We don’t decide what’s valuable, the market does. Even “stupid ugly haircuts” can be worth more than either of us will ever charge. That’s a fact that your opinion won’t change, so be ready to change your opinion every time the trends shift and you see something you don’t like.
📽🎞🎬 Artist Featured: @donjae_ 🔋 First Push Button Donjae Batman Theme Andis Slimline Pro Li Will Have LEDs In The Trimmer & Charge Station.
Must Watch!!!! 🎬💈 Barber: @javierbarber WArning ⚠️!! Fake barber products are out there !!! Look at this , it came in an “original “ package !!
🤔🤔🤔 Clipper By: @ronin_style
These trimmers are gonna kill the game if they drop💈👑. Hopefully they will live up to the hype. 📷Credit: @86kustomklippers
Andis Cordless T-outliner 🔋🚫🔌 Owner: @barbers_league Andis should have came out with a version of these a long time ago, they would sell a million of them....(*if they work right)
Must S👀!!! Press ▶▶🎥🎬 🔴Cordless Andis T-Outliner Li 🔴Cordless Andis Styliner 🔴Cordless Oster Fast Feed Clipper Scientist: @zooligan_lo Lithium Ion Technology 🚫 NOT FOR SALE 🚫
Thank you!!!! 🙌🙌🙌 to everyone that made this trip worth it. The love and energy from the events is essential to keeping your barber sanity. This particular event was challenging due to the lack of help but my fellow barbers & stylists that stop by the booth made the 12 hour trip worthwhile. 💈💯
💳💳 OR 💵💵 We Got You!!!! Stop By TheBarberSource 🚨Booth #432 🚨 Ct Barber Expo 2017 We will be accepting card or cash payment at the booth today!!!
Make Sure you Stop By Booth #432 April 23 to get the latest exclusive Barber Essentials!!! 🔺We Are TheBarberSource🔺 (Post inspired By: @thebarbercartel )
Stop By TheBarberSource 🚨Booth #432 🚨 Ct Barber Expo 2017 The "Represent Your Craft" keychain will be available along with other exclusive barber essentials for the BEST DEALS!!!! 💈✊
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