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All done. Gonna take a small rest to edit the video for it and then on to the rest of the suit #kabutomask #samuraibatman #batman #ninjabatman #ninja #dc
Been focusing on nothing else today except getting the gun metal paint on this beast. No filter required for this #samuraibatman #samurai #batman #dc #xmstudios #kabuto #kabutomask #ninja #ninjabatman #batgirl
Oofff... now if this was a thing.... Amazing Art by @royy_ledger
PHONE'S WORNING AGAIN! It appeared to have died on me, and I couldn't get any of the stuff out if it either, but it lives on! Can't let the battery go too low Btw, here's the progress of the kabuto bat mask
Baby shower part 1
First the part that no one wants to see just yet. I'm making a YouTube video on this so be sure to follow my page under the same name channel for updates soon on how to build the Kabuto mask for batgirl... or in this case, Batman
Classic stand off between the world's greatest detective, and the world's deadliest assassin With @owainbenzokayn as batman
I'm in love with this kabuto mask so much, I'm gonna make a YouTube video on how I'll build it. I want to make the whole outfit for @katie_cosplays eventually, after little batgirl is introduced to the world, but there is also a samurai batman so, I'll get my own too ^_^
I am Deathstroke, the floating head!
Check out this awesome Enchantress in her final form! #batman #enchantress #justiceleague #suicidesquad #junemoon #flashpoint
Brilliant and brutal artwork by @datrinti and inspiration for a Deathstroke intro video
Ok, so I've been taking procrastination to a whole new level, but I'm not gonna call it That. This is batarang practice. It's ever so important and is an essential art for any budding caped crusader to master
Don't think I can't see you there. I have one eye missing, I'm not blind! With @ste_j_cosplay_one_day as the fish man
From a time so long ago when I wanted to do more filming work. I still do, it's just going to be even harder to fit the time in now...
Photo by @gspeighty
Throwback to the time we pretended batgirl would bring some action to the JL table with @katie_cosplays Photo and edit by the brilliant @digistevephotography
Unite the league! Superman - @man_of_real Mera - @onyxeia Cyborg - @codeblackcosplay Wonder woman - @dropdeadjokercosplay Aquaman - @king_tide_cosplay Flash - @renegade_ranger_cosplay Batman - Me Photography by @filmandcosplay
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