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SPOILERS AHEAD: Not gonna lie, the first time I saw #Incredibles2 I thought the #Screenslaver was her brother Winston. But when you watch it the second time it's clear that she represents dark while her brother is the light. What did you think of Incredibles 2? Was it as good as the first?
{@theblerdvision } - Marvel's repeated formula of getting the audience to sympathize with the bad guy.
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Who had the best 12 months?
Josh Brolin on his Cable performance. He didn't say specifically what he didn't like, but critics have called his performance flat. They said the same for his co-stars with the exception of Zazie Beetz (Domino). That kid "Firefist" - my God was he annoying..."I'LL BURN YA... I WILL" 😒😒
Ragnarok divided the fanbase but I think it's a top 5 MCU movie
Swinging to the right but her hair is going in the same direction lol
Where does Black Panther rank in your favourite Marvel movies?
{@dailygeekfacts } - Right now the male heroes outnumber the girls 3:1, but Kevin Fiege says that soon "more than half of Marvel's heroes will be women." Thoughts?
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