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When abs and obliques are peeking thru 😻 Our #fitmom @fitnfab827 right on track 💃🏼 5 weeks out 🙌🏼 🔹 To join Team EDGE email us at Coaches @joediscuillo and @ingridromero1 #teamedgefam #edgebooty #edgegirl #teamedge
Morning motivation from our 🙌🏼 Emily will be competing the first time in 5 weeks 💃🏼 Let’s do this mama ❤️ 🔹 If I can do this, so can you! Thank you so much to everyone who has been following along my fitness journey. The picture on the left is a few months into when I first started lifting weights. After a few too many nights of pizza and bud light, I finally woke up and realized I didn’t want to live like this. I was tired of the yo-yo dieting and gaining and loosing the same 15 pounds over and over (can anyone else relate? 🙋🏼‍♀️). Something was different this time around and I knew the changes were going to stick because they were lifestyle changes-not quick fixes. I’m so happy I started this, now nearly 2 years ago. This transformation hasn’t always been smooth sailing and it hasn’t happened over night. There have been bumps along the way, and it’s not over yet. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to start NOW and be PATIENT. Change takes time and there’s always a million reasons why you’d rather start next week or next month, but the longer you put it off the longer it will take to achieve your goal. Thank you All again for your love and support, I’m looking forward to what comes next in my fitness journey! 💪❤️😘 🔹 To join Team EDGE email us at Coaches @joediscuillo and @ingridromero1 #teamedgefam #edgebooty #edgegirl #teamedge
Coach @ingridromero1 killling it in her last shoot😍 Edge socks available at @edgesupps web! We have our team group photoshoot this week and we can’t wait! 🔹 To join Team EDGE email us at Coaches @joediscuillo and @ingridromero1 #teamedgefam #edgebooty #edgegirl #teamedge
Shoulder goals 😍Our @amberjcallahan_ ➖ Tank top avail at coach @ingridromero1 web 🔹 To join Team EDGE email us at Coaches @joediscuillo and @ingridromero1 #teamedgefam #edgebooty #edgegirl #teamedge
Look who is back in prep😍 Our @martamielczarskaa has competed with team edge twice in the past and now she’s in our lifestyle program! This stunning girl is rocking @inna.trend bikinis in this video and they all look amazing on her! Congrats on reaching 100k Marta recently! 🔹 To join Team EDGE email us at Coaches @joediscuillo and @ingridromero1 #teamedgefam #edgebooty #edgegirl #teamedge
So proud of our #fitmom @donut2dumbbell ❤️ Keep pushing mama and we are excited to see you stepping on stage 💃🏼 We are by your side on this journey ❤️ Let’s do this 🙌🏼 🔹 I am going to get real for a second... transparent. 🙇🏻‍♀️ I am so hesitant to post this because I am so embarrassed. By here we go... My last show was @musclecontest FitWorld in March 2017. My final weeks of prep were accompanied by my husband and I are packing up our house and filling boxes separately. Peak week was extra challenging dealing with the death of my dog and the impending separation from my husband. I got through it and stepped on stage with everything I had. I placed third in open bikini and left so proud of myself! The following week was packing up moving trucks and facing my reality. This past year has been anything but a cakewalk. I found myself finding comfort in food 🍩 and wine 🍷 and my frequency in the gym became inconsistent. I gained a lot more weight off-season than I had hoped. And here I am again prepping to do the same show I did last year before my world got turned upside down. I am five weeks out and this show means more to me than a trophy or getting to see my abs peaks. This is proof that life happens and it’s OK. It’s also proof that I am strong and capable of anything I set my mind to. I decided I am worth more. These photos were taken 18 days apart. 18 days! I have 36 days to go. With the support of my incredible @teamedge1 coaches @joediscuillo Amd @ingridromero1 , my family, and my friends... I can’t wait to see the woman who steps on stage again. 💪🏼👸🏻👙✨ 🔹 To join Team EDGE email us at Coaches @joediscuillo and @ingridromero1 #teamedgefam #edgebooty #edgegirl #teamedge
Welcome to our growing IFBB Pro team @ms_honeyandmilk 🎉 Tanya earned her IFBB Pro card in October of 2017 and will be making her Pro debut in the UK! We are so excited to have you and looking forward to a successful 2018 competition season ❤️ 🔹 To join Team EDGE email us at Coaches @joediscuillo and @ingridromero1 #teamedgefam #edgebooty #edgegirl #teamedge
Almost time for our IFBB Pro @heathermcallister_ifbbpro Pro debut 💪🏼 She looks 🔥🔥 Bikini by @ingridromerobikinis 🔹 To join Team EDGE email us at Coaches @joediscuillo and @ingridromero1 #teamedgefam #edgebooty #edgegirl #teamedge
The Night before the show! We go to the athlete meeting together as a fam/team, we try bikinis to make sure they fit perfect, we pose and perfect routines, we take lots of selfies and we revise nutrition plans for the rest of the night/day of the show. There are a lot of "coaches" out there who don't have CLUE ONE about how to really coach! These individuals consistently do far more damage to athletes than they do good. They tear down self-esteem rather than building it up.🙈 You're NOT a good coach if you think that your most important job as a coach is to win shows only! Your mission as a coach is to teach your athletes and help them grow as individuals so that they become better people in the world, both on and off the stage! #Rantover #enoughsaid — 🔹 To join Team EDGE email us at Coaches @joediscuillo and @ingridromero1 #teamedgefam #edgebooty #edgegirl #teamedge
Transformation of our figure competitor @norma.runner 🙌🏼 Shes been working hard these past months and we can’t wait to see her to step on stage 💃🏼 Almost showtime 💪🏼 🔹 To join Team EDGE email us at Coaches @joediscuillo and @ingridromero1 #teamedgefam #edgebooty #edgegirl #teamedge
Happy Birthday to @tkguindy 🎉 We appreciate everything you do! ❤️ Have an amazing day and enjoy some cake for us on this day! 🎂
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