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Life | Sport | Mission Est. 2006 ♠️ Die Living ♠️

Life | Sport | MISSION ♠️ Once a GRT, always a GRT...thanks for leading by example @jasonjmccarthy ♠️ #holdthestandard #teamcrossfitacademy #legionblack #earnednotissued
Life | SPORT | Mission ♠️ Vacation doesn’t mean no training...but it may mean adjusting training around your schedule or available resources. Luckily for @e_bri_leclair the great folks at @crossfitnola have had plenty of space and gear for training. ♠️ In addition, a ton of Elise’s conditioning work is a rotation between Stamina and Aerobic Endurance a set of DBs, a KB, a @concept2inc erg and an @assaultairbike was all that was needed. ♠️ “If it matters to you, you’ll find a way. If it doesn’t, you’ll find an excuse.” ♠️ We’ll see you all in a few days... ♠️ #teamcrossfitacademy #legionblack #earnednotissued #holdthestandard #alwaysbephysicallyready
Life | Sport | MISSION ♠️ Get your partners ready...Saturday, August 4th we’ll be hosting our annual @31heroes event at #teamcrossfitacademy ♠️ “On August 6, 2011, a tragedy shook the military community and Americans everywhere. In a single instance, America lost 30 military service members, many of whom were members of the Navy SEAL community—and one military K9– when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter, call sign Extortion 17, was downed in Afghanistan. ♠️ In the wake of the unimaginable tragedy, a mission was born. Following the downing of Extortion 17, a fundraising WOD—hosted at more than 430 gyms around the country with more than 10,000 participants—raised $300,000 over a four-week period to support the 30 families affected. This prompted the organizers to create The 31Heroes Project to remember our fallen heroes and take care of their loved ones. ♠️ Humbled by the massive response and inspired by the impact on the families of these heroes, 31Heroes recognized an opportunity to reach even more families. Soon, new events and WODs were organized with the help of a growing network of passionate volunteers. ♠️ Today, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we assist athletes and event organizers around the country with tools and resources to continue the legacy of selflessness and comradery of August 6, 2011. ♠️ Through strategic alliances with other organizations we can ensure that all proceeds directly fund programs that support service members and their families, including the Navy SEAL community. ♠️ Since our first event in 2011, more than $1.5 million has been given back to our nation’s heroes and their families through grant-making opportunities and partnership programs. In 2015, The 31Heroes Project launched the initiative to send a designated number of veterans to distinguished brain centers across the country to receive cutting-edge treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or Traumatic Brain Injury. ♠️ They’ve left behind more than just memories. They’ve given us a legacy to honor. Together, we can ensure the mission to honor the fallen lives on and veterans are not forgotten when they return home.” ♠️ More info to come.... ♠️ #holdthestandard #earnednotissued
Life | SPORT | Mission ♠️ Massive thanks to @crossfitnola for allowing @e_bri_leclair and I the gracious privilege of dropping into not one, but TWO of their locations this AM. ♠️ We hit one spot that only had 30 minutes remaining open, so we did Part 1 of training and jammed across town and hit up their Burthe St. location for Part 2. Great spots in both locations. ♠️ If you’re in the New Orleans spot, please pay them a visit... ♠️ #teamcrossfitacademy #earnednotissued #holdthestandard #levelmethodlegion #legionblack
Life | Sport | Mission ♠️ For close to 15 years folks have walked into my life looking for help. Some need help with food. Some need help with fitness. Some want to get stronger, fitter, faster, and leaner. Still others have wanted to accomplish “firsts”....first 5k, first marathon, first peak bagged, first triathlon. You name it, we’ve worked through it. We get asked all the time what separates #teamcrossfitacademy from the often confusing landscape of other “boxes” in the San Gabriel Valley. Quite simply...experience and expertise. ♠️ If your goals and your resources truly matter, then trust the original @crossfit Affiliate that’s been around since Day 1. If you’re going to hand over your hard earned cash and go through the physical discomfort of training, I challenge you to align with the best in town. Don’t settle for discount training, fly-by-night trainers that aren’t certified or gimmick online templates. Things that are free and cheap have no true long term value. ♠️ If you’re actually ready to step up and put yourself first, then take the next step and reach out. I know we can help. I know you’re capable of great things... ♠️ #earnednotissued #holdthestandard #levelmethodlegion #legionblack #assess #address #progress
LIFE | Sport | Mission ♠️ Happiest of happy birthday to Carrie today...Carrie has been aligned with #teamcrossfitacademy since the days of Elite Fitness Bootcamp and has trained through all three iterations of TCA. Her sense of adventure has allowed her to travel extensively and enjoy the #alwaysbephysicallyready motto in numerous cities around the world! Enjoy sharing your special day with France 🇫🇷 as they close out the 2018 World Cup! ♠️ #holdthestandard #levelmethodlegion #legionblack #earnednotissued #birthdayburpees #foothillsmiddleschool #urbanchallenges #arrogantbastards
Life | SPORT | Mission ♠️ If you’re a @thelevelmethod facility and NOT excited about next’re crazy! ♠️ If you’ve not contacted @nathanholiday yet and discussed the Level Method Programming that drops around the corner you need to get onboard do NOT want to miss this! ♠️ #teamcrossfitacademy #levelmethodlegion #earnednotissued #legionblack #holdthestandard #alwaysbephysicallyready
Life | SPORT | Mission ♠️ “Whew - the last 24 hours has been spent consoling girls, wiping tears and reminding these girls to remember to look how far they came!! Makenna’s DA season with this Legends FC team ends with a disappointing 2-0 loss in the final championship game against FC Dallas in 103 degree heat. Out of 69 elite DA teams, over a 10 mth season, only 32 made it to the playoffs and eventually it came down to the final 2 teams with Legends FC being one of those teams! It all comes down to the path..the hard work & dedication, the long hot practices in Norco 4 days a week, and the heart they continued to show during playoffs thru semi finals and into the Finals - it is that entire journey that is the amazing accomplishment that they should all be proud of! Makenna played her butt off on that field and that’s all we can ask of her! ♠️ Thanks to everyone for their support and words of encouragement - we have been passing it along to her!! Xoxoxo @leanneis26too ♠️ “If you want to develop an elite athlete, they have to fail....It’s the capacity to lose and pull yourself back that makes the greatest players.” - Anson Dorrance ♠️ #holdthestandard #earnednotissued #sparkoflightning @ussoccer_acad @usasoccerofficial @legendsfcacademy
Life | Sport | Mission ♠️ @thefullmontyg committed...although today’s every 2 for 20 minutes called for a top set around 95% Monty looked so good we green lit a shot at a Heavy Single...the result? He did it! PR...great work brother! ♠️ #earnednotissued #teamcrossfitacademy #holdthestandard #levelmethodlegion #legionblack
Life | Sport | Mission ♠️ The #redmilitia ladies are getting stronger and stronger...the team is also growing. Thanks to the trust Danielle had in me to design her post-paintball knee injury rehab plan, many more women have followed in her footsteps: ♠️ - Diana Gallardo cleared the Orange III Level for an 87kg Deadlift for 5 reps - Michelle Zubok cleared the Blue Level with a 103kg Heavy Single Deadlift ♠️ Just wait and see what Marjorie Humphreys, Amanda Biggerstaff, Susan Clark, and Karla Becker Horton have coming... ♠️ In other exciting news, Taylor Zavala wrapped up 10 weeks of “Individual Design” training and enters her law enforcement academy in two weeks while Megan, Joy, Ashley, and Gaile all settle into Fundamentals or Individual Design for their respective sports. ♠️ Nothing beats a busy summer! ♠️ Just wait and see what’s coming when we return from New Orleans...(hint hint: #redmilitiacamps ) ♠️ #earnednotissued #teamcrossfitacademy #holdthestandard #levelmethodlegion #legionblack
LIFE | Sport | Mission ♠️ I’ve been lucky enough to Coach these three for well over a decade. I’ve seen them at their best...winning races, earning medals, and pulling big weights. I’ve also seen them in some low moments....injuries, illnesses, and professional/familial struggles. ♠️ Conversely, they’ve seen me at both highs and lows throughout the last 10+ years as well. They’ve supported the #teamcrossfitacademy brand, and me personally, through three building moves and multiple iterations of our programming. They’ve trained on the original Arrogant Bastards Trail Racing Team as well as excelled as Masters Competitors on behalf of our Affiliate. ♠️ I’m lucky to walk into TCA on any given 6am class (Team 6) and see their faces...they are reminders of adventures, memories, and experiences created. ♠️ Thanks for all you’ve poured into me Tom, Corlyn, and Donna! ♠️ #earnednotissued #holdthestandard #levelmethodlegion #alwaysbephysicallyready #disciplineequalsfreedom #disciplineovermotivation #legionblack @crossfit @crossfitgames @roguefitness
Life | SPORT | Mission ♠️ @dianagalla smashed two major PRs today, one of which was API on @thelevelmethod moving well into Purple (think 271 in Fight Gone Bad), and another superb effort building to a Heavy Single Clean and Jerk. ♠️ We talk a lot about the “process” around here...known to others as the journey. Diana’s adherence to her plan, her diligence and consistency has paid off big time. What’s even better was that I got to be present for both efforts...I LOVE scoring my ID clients’ PR efforts. After all, so much of our work goes into mindset, strategy, and execution. Great work D! More to come... ♠️ #teamcrossfitacademy #levelmethodlegion #holdthestandard #earnednotissued #legionblack @bestrongteam
Life | SPORT | Mission ♠️ “TO THE FINALS!!! Makenna’s team, Legends FC, beat the Dallas Texans 3-0 in the semi finals in Kansas City, MO today and they will now play the #2 overall seed, FC Dallas, in the inaugural Girls' Development Academy U-15 Championship game this Wednesday, July 11th at 3 pm PT/5 pm CT. It will be streamed live on: and in HD on U.S. Soccer's YouTube channel. ♠️ So damn proud of Makenna & her team and all of the hard work they have been putting in...just one more push!!!” -from Makenna’s mother ♠️ #earnednotissued #holdthestandard #alwaysbephysicallyready #teamcrossfitacademy
Life | SPORT | Mission ♠️ It’s Independence Day...I’m in one of my most favorite places in the world...with my most favorite person...and I receive this news...what a perfect day! ♠️ “It's not over yet, she is heading to Kansas City this Saturday for the semi-final game and possible National Championship game for her club team (Legends). ♠️ They play on Monday morning which will be Live Stream. It's been a long season for her club team. They started playing in Septmeber of last year. She took a two month break from her club team to play High School. ♠️ Then she rejoined them in early March. After several tough playoff games last week in Oceanside, they have advanced to Kansas City for the finals. ♠️ What an amazing year for her! All this possible due to your ability to train physically and mentally. Thanks again for giving her the confidence to believe in her shoulder!” ♠️ Makenna is unstoppable.... ♠️ #holdthestandard #alwaysbephysicallyready #earnednotissued #levelmethodlegion
LIFE | Sport | Mission ♠️ For a second season in a row Jake Kiddoo and his wonderful family opened up his Affiliate to us on our way to Mammoth this evening. Hands down the BEST CrossFit Affiliate in Bishop, California. ♠️ If you’re passing through on your way north you’ve got to drop in and visit...they’re a passionate family that genuinely cares about their members! ♠️ @crossfitradiate is our #1 training spot along the 395! ♠️ #alwaysbephysicallyready #teamcrossfitacademy #holdthestandard #earnednotissued #levelmethodlegion
Life | Sport | Mission ♠️ Captains in the military...leaders in business...husbands, fathers, and great role models for their kids. I’m humbled to have had almost a decade with these two in my life. Thanks for flying the #teamcrossfitacademy colors for so long...there’s many more adventures around the corner! ♠️ #alwaysbephysicallyready #earnednotissued #holdthestandard #levelmethodlegion
Life | SPORT | Mission ♠️ Thanks to @8ampharmacy for coming out and jumping into our “Hotshots19” team event this morning...and thanks to all the #teamcrossfitacademy folks that supported Anthony’s brand! ♠️ We look forward December’s “Gift To Lift” event...thanks for what you do my friend! ♠️ #alwaysbephysicallyready #holdthestandard #earnednotissued #levelmethodlegion
Life | SPORT | Mission ♠️ These girls were relentless...they NEVER gave up. Congrats on the win against Eclipse Select from Oakbrook, IL and making it to the semi finals in Kansas City next weekend!!!!!! Go Legends! @legendsfcacademy ♠️ “...To watch people push themselves further than they think they can, it’s a beautiful thing...” -Abby Wambach ♠️ #alwaysbephysicallyready #earnednotissued #holdthestandard
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