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Just because you lead a busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t be fit. - Attempting to be a competitive powerlifter while being a full time LEO and a trainer with the National Guard isn’t easy. - Nothing worth having comes easy, it takes dedication day in and day out. Put your mind to it and the possibilities are endless 🇺🇸
First post meet lift. Still feeling a little sore but overall decent. Had a little fun today just keeping loose and giving the 225 NFL combine a shot. - 225x15 - @theironasylum @weeeeeeg
Shoutout to my mom and brother who flew down to support me in my meet this past Sunday. Definitely wouldn’t be where I am today with out the family.
The team yesterday from @project_sixkiller USPA meet with a few missing. Was awesome to see some of the numbers these guys hit and to take some hardware home 🏆🇺🇸 @theironasylum @lftbig
2nd meet in the books and overall stoked with my performance today. Went 8/9 with 3 meet PRs and 2 overall PRs. Shoutout to @oh_dru for the programs and @deleon_lmt for keeping us all loose. - 429lb squat (meet/overall PR) 314 bench (meet PR) 573 deadlift (meet/overall PR) - @theironasylum @project_sixkiller @jimmy_doublecups @quadslikegoku @supersaiyanstrong @mraspowerlifts @gdb211 @lftbig
The emotions when you watch this are unreal. What an awesome tribute to my brothers and sisters 🇺🇸 @gruntstyle
Weighed in, first attempts given, less then 24 hours till I take the platform again. Come support the team! @theironasylum @project_sixkiller @jimmy_doublecups @quadslikegoku @supersaiyanstrong @mraspowerlifts @gdb211
Just crusin’ 23 years ago 🚗💨
When you’re single on Valentine’s Day so you make that overtime 💸 🇺🇸
The moment just prior to the attempt is one of pure focus. - I relate it to just prior to that big pitch in baseball or just prior to the snap in a game winning drive in football. - The weeks and months you have trained day in and day out are now put to test in just a few seconds of time. @theironasylum @lftbig
Come support the team Sunday @project_sixkiller Odin’s Fury USPA meet. Some of the best from @theironasylum will be competing. @jimmy_doublecups @quadslikegoku @supersaiyanstrong @mraspowerlifts @gdb211
We all have our weaknesses and mine is clearly my right shoulder. 18 years of baseball and several torn arms and you can see it give out here. - 300x3x2 TNG (3rd set shown) - @theironasylum @lftbig @dru.strongeru
Bitter sweet finally receiving my LEO certificate today. - It’s been a long road to where I have been, to where I am now, but through all the ups and downs that Iv gone through I wouldn’t pass any of it up. - Put in the dedication day in and day out no matter what it is and you’ll see yourself grow and become the person you always imagined.
8 months ago these lifts were my meet PRs and in two weeks these will most likely be my opening lifts. Progress doesn’t happen overnight, it takes hard work day in and day out. - Squat 401x3x1 Deadlift 529x3x1 - @theironasylum @ag1ap1tan @weeeeeeg @dru.strongeru @project_sixkiller @lftbig
Heavy comp singles moved solid today. 13 days out and feeling good. - 309x3x1 - @theironasylum @1portis456 @dru.strongeru @project_sixkiller
Wednesdays night’s shenanigans with @ch1908 🥂
Heavy doubles moving well with just 2 weeks out. - 518x3x2 - @theironasylum @lftbig @dru.strongeru @project_sixkiller
Throwback to Christmas and being able to see this baby girl ❤️
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