MIND | BODY | SOUL 📍Amsterdam ▪️Aerospace Engineer ▪️Musclemania World Champion ▪️Musician CEO @bodyengineersofficial @4invictus Everything ⬇️

Ibiza vibes ✖️➕✖️ huge SALE at @bodyengineersofficial with up to 70% OFF no codes needed. Shop link in bio 🌍 worldwide shipping is free above 150$ #bodyengineers
My little everything @aviacastroworld is getting so big that the arm pump to hold her up is getting serious 😂 ❤️ . Super glad to be back home to get back to work on some of the biggest projects till yet. Can’t wait to share what’s coming with you guys at BE and with the music. Stay Real & Stay positive my fluffy fam 🤙🏼 ❤️ #love #daughter
THE FUTURE ✖️➕✖️Never forget to remember where you came from, the people that helped you without conditions, and the moments that inspired you... It will help keep you humble, grateful, free of anxiety, and motivated for the next flow in life’s wave. - Wearing my favorite prometheus pieces from @bodyengineersofficial . worldwide shipping 🌎 #life #flow #grateful
Félicitations Les Bleus!! 🇫🇷 ❤️ ! J'aime votre pays, votre football et votre art. Prendre plaisir !! #worldcup2018 #lesbleaus #france #vivelafrance #paris
I will not fear for I have seen the bottom I will not fear For Yesterday doesn’t define me I will not fear For tomorrow has no power over today I will not fear Death, for I have lived I will not fear. #god #fear
Let’s train.✖️➕✖️ - Join me and @yanitayancheva in Bali Indonesia sept 10-17 for a week vacation / learning opportunity on the island of gods. Accommodation , food , and activities such as surfing, hiking, training and more, are all covered. A great opportunity to get in touch with us and have one if the most amazing times of your life. A vacation and investment in your knowledge rolled in one. Extremely limited spots available. To learn more and sign up go to www.activeinparadise.com see you there 🤙🏼 😎 #tavicastro #bali
You are my reminder that being anywhere in my mind besides in the present moment is absolute madness. ❤️ @yanitayancheva #love #ibiza
With the 🐐 @martingarrix 🤙🏼 A Super talent and person surrounded by a just as super team of pure people who are creating beautiful art in so many spectacular ways . Humbled and grateful to know you guys 🙏🏽 #martingarrix #teamgarrix #music #art
INAUTHENTIC LIVING ✖️➕✖️ Living up to an image that you have of yourself or that other people have of you is inauthentic living... - Wearing the bamboo prometheus kit from @bodyengineersofficial . The perfect pieces for hot weather and tough iron sessions .
Sending our love and good vibes from #ibiza 🤙🏼 ❤️ @yanitayancheva
Guardians of being ✖️➕✖️ I sometimes say animals are closer to God than humans. They are closer to the source. The humans are more lost in the mind forms. Being is more obscured to the human because of the overlay of ego and mental formation. #ET #BE #awakening
Control the mind , and you can control the body. ✖️➕✖️ #aesthetics #instagrambodybuilding #abs
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