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Creativity Takes Courage ✖️➕✖️ Enjoyed writing this song and designing the Prometheus collection for @bodyengineersofficial . I wanted to portray the emotion and vibe behind the sometimes weird, lonely, dark, and cold journey to self discovery and enlightenment. Sometimes a journey where it feels like you are going in reverse more often than forwards, think too much, and forget to just breathe... Prometheus was courageous and stole fire from the gods. To create art requires the same courage to enter the no-mind state , no influence from the rules of “society” and “culture” . Every piece In the collection has a story, and serves as a reminder.. to have the courage and take that leap of faith... - The mind is the world... and the no-mind is freedom from the world.. the mind is misery And the no-mind is the end of misery.. To stop thinking, stop the mind and enter the no-mind takes courage... In the stillness of the no-mind is where art is created...
🎥 Let the Fat to Shredded 3.0 series start! This week the first episode goes live on my YouTube channel as I get myself back into top shape in 8 weeks together with @dirksdiary . Dirk is 19 years old beating a rare form of born cancer for the past 4 years and gained over 30kgs due to the chemo treatments. He’s now down from about 110kg +30% body fat at 178cm to 86kg , and the journey continues as we try to get him to see his abs for the first time ever and hit those single digit body fat!. Hit the link in my bio now and subscribe to support this series! Use the hashtag #fat2shredded3 on your posts if you are going to follow the diet and training protocols on the series so we can feature you on the series!
Bonnie & Clyde ✖️➕✖️ ❤️ @yanitayancheva #madlove
Looking at the future with my @bodyengineersofficial family like... #justhebeginning #wearetheengineers #lion
Be the change you want to see in the world... ✖️➕✖️ @bodyengineersofficial See you all today in hall 10.1 stand D15 D17 @fibo2018 #vibes #change #motivation
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Staredown with @ricoverhoeven before we broke out into a bone breaking , death defying, head smashing, adrenaline pumping................. BRO HUG 😎 🤙🏼 #staytuned
Every moment away from you breaks my heart ❤️ @aviacastroworld #love #daddy
Tavi Castro does 30 Minutes of Cardio in 5 minutes... Fact. #proteingangster
#Bicep Blast workout powered by @bangenergy ✖️➕✖️ -4 sets of barbell curls 10-12 reps till failure -4 sets of hammer curls 10-12 reps till failure. -4 drop sets of alternate dumbbell curls till failure -4 sets of burnouts ( as many reps as possible to induce a lactic burn )with cable curls Get it 🔥🤙🏼 - It’s almost time . Bang energy is about to land in Europe. The best tasting most powerfully formulated energy drink on the market will be present at the @fibopowerexpo next weekend in Cologne Germany next to the @bodyengineersofficial stand. Come taste and feel the difference for yourself. #bangenergy #vpx inventor @vpxredlineceo
My everything ❤️ #family
#aquaman getting ready to start a new Fat 2 shredded series featuring a cool dude @dirksdiary who’s beating bone cancer and going to get in the best shape of his life! Subscribe to my YouTube channel To be notified when the first episode goes up!
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