Be Proud of who you are. Love is Love. Tattooed Medic trying to make sense of this roller coaster ride called life. Out & Proud!! 🌈1 in 5 Survivor.

100 Days of Gratitude. Day 54. I’m grateful I could offer assistance to a gentleman and his wife last night while I was attending a function. What makes this rewarding to me besides helping someone in need, is that the pt’s wife took the time to thank me which was not necessary and totally unexpected but it’s so appreciated and I thank you. All the best to you both.
100 Days of Gratitude. Day 53. I’m am so unbelievably grateful that I was able to drive 5 hrs to see this sweet, kind gentle soul present. It was an amazing experience for me. I have been a fan from day 1 and I’m hoping for a reading and the chance to purchase some of his prints. Now as luck would have a gentleman a couple rows in front of me stands up and has a syncopal in the aisle. People are calling for a Medic then a Dr. and no gets up. How does not one person be willing to offer aid? Out of 5 thousand people not a dr or medic besides myself? So I did the right thing and helped the gentleman out. If I was smart I would have went to wait in line for the book signing after I was done assisting the guest. And I love how when security showed up I get the once over and no opportunity to identify myself as a medic and give a report. Even the cops were giving me the once over. Like seriously I got tattoos get over it. Anyways a truly amazing experience. Thank you Tyler for coming across the border and sharing with us. And your Mom is beyond adorable. Safe travels
I made it to Windsor
100 Days of Gratitude. Day 52. This is what I was seeing in my rear view mirror as I drove the boys to the dog sitter. :( Samson does not look impressed, but I’m grateful for the love they make me feel each and every day just by looking at me 💜
100 Days of Gratitude. Day 51 I’m grateful for my cuddle monster falling asleep next to me.
Oh my goodness. Look at this fella. His name is Squid. What a cutie.
100 Days of Gratitude. Day 50. I’m grateful that my full face snorkeling mask arrived. Now to look stupid and go snorkeling:)
100 Days of Gratitude. Day 49. I feel like Scarface here. I feel like I need to put my wall back up and keep people at a distance. I’m grateful for being able and willing to build that wall back up again. This amazing photo Credit goes to @mz_images. Your images are incredible.
If this is real, it’s beyond cool.
Doesn’t matter where you are. O.P.P. Are keeping an eye. That’s funny shit.
100 Days of Gratitude. Day 48. I’ve always believed that relationships and friendships have a fine balance of give and take. Sometimes one may give more than the other and other times one may take more. But in the end it should balance out. There also needs to be mutual respect. If these aren’t present then the scales tip. I’m becoming to realize that one of biggest character traits is also one of my biggest flaws. Loyalty, I’ll stay loyal in a friendship or relationship cause I don’t want to see the other suffer and I don’t want to cause pain. But by being loyal, I feel under appreciated and get hurt numerous times. I don’t do for others to get recognition. I do what seems like the right thing to do. I try to act how I was raised. Make my Momma proud and myself proud of my actions. Be Respectful, see the other persons point of view. Try to walk in their shoes. Speak without offending, listen without defending. I just wonder what it will feel like to have someone in my life that would be there for me as I would for them. I would love to feel safe with someone instead of in the dark. My safe harbor, my rock. Well he left me in the dark. I’m grateful that I’m able to recognize certain things and not expect much in return from people. Maybe being so loyal isn’t a good thing. It’s too bad.
Poor kid. He tried to talk his way out of it. Lol
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