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Ascending the twists and turns of Jacobs Ladder into the mist with @kirkjrichards. This remarkable road leads to the summit of Ben Lomond - a dramatic 1500-metre peak in @northerntasmania that boasts a spectacular alpine plateau surrounded by sheer dolerite cliffs. The centrepiece of the Ben Lomond National Park, the mountain's stark, treeless landscape is visible from much of Tasmania's north. It's located a 1.5-hour drive east of Launceston. ⛰ 📷 ☁️ Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Kirk.
Wrapped up in the dream-like wilderness surrounds of Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake with @helloemilie. It's a landscape and location that appeals to all - whether you're a intrepid outdoor adventurer, or you prefer to admire the scenery before retreating to the comfort of indoors. Fortunately this legendary location in @tasmaniasnorthwest has something for everyone. 😍 ⛰ 🍂 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Emilie.
Morning mist and pastel skies greeted @thestoryofv during a recent stay at Pumphouse Point. Located at Lake St Clair, about 2.5 hours' drive north-west of @HobartandBeyond , this award-winning boutique accommodation features rooms in a converted 1930s hydro-electric pumphouse  that floats at the end of a 240-metre flume (jetty). It's an over-water wilderness retreat you're unlikely to forget! 😍 🌿 🛌 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Vivienne.  #seeaustralia #hobartandbeyond #tasmaniaparks
"Hey Mum - you'd better smile. I think that human is taking a photo of us!..." @glanzpunkt recently paid a visit to Cradle Mountain in @tasmaniasnorthwest and captured this adorable shot of mother and baby wombat roaming the buttongrass plains. The northern end of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is legendary for spotting wombats in the wilderness. Be sure to give them space - after all, they're still wild animals! 👍 📷 😍 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , PG. #seeaustralia #tasmaniaparks #tasmaniasnorthwest
Gliding silently in the Tasmanian wilderness with @_emwilson_. Where? This is the Pieman River in @tasmaniasnorthwest - a remote and supremely beautiful waterway that borders the world-famous Tarkine Forest Reserve. If you seek seclusion, serenity and a big dose of Tassie's sweet-smelling outdoors, this is the place for you! (Can we come too?!) 🛶 🌿 😆 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Em. #seeaustralia #tasmaniasnorthwest
It's not often you get to witness a waterfall plunging nearly 200 metres directly into the ocean! @lovethywalrus was inspired by recent rains to walk the Waterfall Bay track on @hobartandbeyond 's Tasman Peninsula to see the falls at their best - and they didn't disappoint! One of the 60 Great Short Walks of Tasmania, the 1.5 hour return track to the Waterfall Bay lookout weaves along spectacular dolerite sea-cliffs, some of which are the highest in Australia. 😮 💦 📸 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Paul. #seeaustralia #hobartandbeyond #tasmaniaparks
Another spectacular sunset over Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake and @marley_was_here was asking, "How's the serenity?" Pretty amazing, judging from this shot! The landscapes at Cradle seem to work in partnership with the Tassie's distinct seasons and weather conditions to present an ever-changing kaleidoscope of natural beauty. It's a continual source of inspiration for locals and visitors alike. Take some time. Spend a while... 😍 ⛰ 🍃 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Marley. #seeaustralia #tasmaniaparks #tasmaniasnorthwest
"The back yard's looking good tonight, love..." @josh_a_photography captured this serene moment at sunset at Narawntapu National Park in @tasmaniasnorthwest. Dubbed the 'Serengeti of Tasmania', Narawntapu is one of the best places in Tassie to view our native wildlife, with many of its residents emerging of an evening to graze on the grasslands - and take in the sunset! Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Josh. 🌞 🌿 📷 #tasmaniasnorthwest #tasmaniaparks #seeaustralia
Delicate dawn light marks the start to another day of adventure at Cape Hauy with @hamishlshots. One of the 60 Great Short Walks of Tasmania, the 4-hour return walk to Cape Hauy begins at Fortescue Bay in the northern reaches of the Tasman National Park and weaves through heath and woodland before reaching these magnificent coastal views. Pack a lunch and bring some friends for some breathtakingly beautiful outdoor therapy! 🍎 👣 ☀️ Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Hamish. #seeaustralia #tasmaniaparks #hobartandbeyond
Floating in reflected silence on the Pieman River with @_emwilson_. Located in @tasmaniasnorthwest , the Pieman borders the largest area of temperate rainforest in Australia, as well as buttongrass moorlands, more wild rivers and a spectacular windswept coastline. It's the perfect place for some silent reflection! 🙌 🍃 ⚓️ Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Em. #seeaustralia #tasmaniasnorthwest
Historic autumn riverside feels from the Coal River Valley and the town of Richmond, beautifully captured by @ourcoalvalley.   Convict built and completed in 1823, the Richmond Bridge is the oldest bridge that's still in use in Australia. It's the centrepiece of this historic village that boasts more than 50 Georgian buildings along quaint streetscapes, and is only a scenic 30-minute drive from @HobartandBeyond. 🍂 🦆 🤳 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Natalie.  #seeaustralia #hobartandbeyond
Dawn over the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, and @suziekaploozie was up early at the Overland Track's Windemere Hut to capture first light hitting Barn Bluff. The Overland Track is Australia’s premier alpine walk - a 65 kilometre, six-day trek through the heart of the Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area. The stunning scenery and the physical challenge have secured the Overland's reputation as one of the world's great wilderness bushwalks. Add it to your bucket list! 🙌 👣 🌿 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Suze. #tasmaniaparks #tasmaniasnorthwest #seeaustralia
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