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Making new friends in the waters of Schouten Island with @submerged_images.  😍 Located off the tip of @eastcoasttasmania 's Freycinet Peninsula, Schouten has a rich history. 👩‍🎓 Prior to the arrival of European explorers in the early 1800s, the island was the domain of the Oyster Bay tribe of Tasmanian Aboriginal people. 🌏 It has since been home to sealing, mining and grazing operations. 🐑 These days the uninhabited island forms part of the unique coastal reserve that is the Freycinet National Park. 🌿 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Danny. #seeaustralia #eastcoasttasmania #tasmaniaparks #greateasterndrive
Kicking back and soaking up the wilderness vibes with @baileywilday.  😎 Tassie is home to 19 national parks and over 800 other reserves, which means the wilderness is never far away. 🌿 Some are easily accessed via public roads and infrastructure, others are more isolated and require careful planning and preparation. 📆 One thing is for sure: each tells its version of the Tassie's unique story. Which is your favourite?... Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Bailey. #tasmaniaparks #tasmaniasnorthwest #seeaustralia
Planning a day of adventures from the summit at kunanyi / Mt Wellington with @carmelboyd_.  ☀️ At your feet is @hobartandbeyond and the spectacular Derwent Estuary, and the options for exploring are endless! 🙌 Whether you're an adrenaline junkie, a culture vulture, self-proclaimed foodie, or you're keen to delve into the region's heritage and history, there are experiences to suit all tastes. Our advice? Tassie is best enjoyed slowly - unless you're an adrenaline junkie, of course!) 😎 For ideas on places to see and must-do experiences, check out our Story 👆. Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Carmel.  #hobartandbeyond #seeaustralia
Standing at the end of Cape Pillar, looking out to the sheer dolerite cliffs of Tasman Island with @jenn_coyne.  🤳 This section of Cape Pillar is known as The Blade, and it's one of the many breathtaking coastal vistas that line @hobartandbeyond 's award-winning Three Capes Track: ⛰ four days and three nights of premium 'dry boot' hiking within the Tasman National Park. 🙌 (You should see the architect-designed eco-cabins. Wow! 😮) Hey, can you spot the Tasman Island Lighthouse in this shot?...🔍 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Jenn.  #seeaustralia #hobartandbeyond #tasmaniaparks
The perfect crescent of Wineglass Bay, nestled within the coastal wilderness of the Freycinet National Park, captured from above by @andiedent.  🛩 Few get to experience the spectacle of Wineglass from this angle. 📷 Whether you're flying over it, 🚁 viewing it from the famous lookout, 🙌 or you've made the 3-hour return trek to sink your toes into its legendary sands, 👣 it's sure to leave a lasting impression. Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Andie.
The Overland Track received some much-needed rain last week, and @el.burko was in celebration: "The rainforests came back to life. Lichens and mosses were dripping off old myrtles, 🌿 mist settled in the canopy, and little creeks and waterfalls that had only been trickling for months were cascading again. 💦 Everything was wet, and everything is as it should be in the rainforest again." 😀 The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area in @tasmaniasnorthwest is always impressive, but it clearly goes above and beyond after some good rain! 🙌 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Lauren. #seeaustralia #tasmaniaparks #tasmaniasnorthwest
Hands up who could do this right now? 🙋‍♀️ The Bay of Fires Lodge Walk is the @taswalkingco ’s four-day guided experience through @eastcoasttasmania ’s legendary Bay of Fires region. 🔥 Imagine walking through impossibly beautiful coastal landscapes as the white sand beaches squeak under your footsteps. 👣 Picture yourself enjoying the simply luxury of the award-winning Bay of Fires Lodge. 😍 Dare to know more? - You know you want to! - Check out our Story ⬆️. Thanks for sharing your video with us, guys. #discovertasmania #seeaustralia #eastcoasttasmania #tasmaniaparks
One of the many moods of Tassie's World Heritage listed wilderness, beautifully captured by @joebutts_. ⛰ 🌿 @tasmaniasnorthwest 's Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain sit under looming skies in this shot taken from the summit of Hansons Peak - one of several day walks in this legendary area. 🚶 Some advice: Tassie's weather can be unpredictable at times, so it's best to plan ahead, carry the right gear, and walk with friends. 🙌 😉 A glorious shot, Joe. Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania . #seeaustralia #tasmaniaparks #tasmaniasnorthwest
Imagine having this place all to yourself... 😎 @mrandmrsjt did. And it's not just any Tassie beach, it's the legendary Wineglass Bay beach within @eastcoasttasmania 's Freycinet National Park! ☀️🙌 Wineglass Bay can be reached via a three-hour return hike over The Hazards mountain range.🚶Or if you know someone who has a boat...😉🛥 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , team. #seeaustralia #eastcoasttasmania #greateasterndrive #tasmaniaparks
An early start rewarded. 🙌On a previous visit to Tassie, @colourblindom set the alarm and took the 30-minute drive to the top of @hobartandbeyond 's kunanyi / Mt Wellington to witness the start of another cracking Tassie day over Greater Hobart and the Derwent Estuary. ☀️⛰It should come as no surprise he's looking forward to his next visit! 😉See you soon, Dom. Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania . #seeaustralia #hobartandbeyond
Mother Nature’s artistry on Maria Island's stunning coastline beautifully captured by @jump_shots_photography. 🎨The striking patterns of the Painted Cliffs are the result of groundwater soaking through the sandstone over millions of years, leaving behind traces of iron oxides which have stained the rock. 🤓They're just one of the many attractions on this island national park located on @eastcoasttasmania. 🙌Check out our Story ⬆️to learn more. 😉🐾Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Mitch. #seeaustralia #eastcoasttasmania #tasmaniaparks
Soaring over the breathtaking remoteness of the Southwest National Park with @cordell97. 🛩At a massive 600,000 hectares, the Southwest National Park is Tassie's largest, and is home to some of the most precious and remote wilderness on Earth. 🌏 Parts of the park can be reached by vehicle, but the majority is so remote it requires access by sea, ⛵️from the air, 🚁or on foot. 🚶Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Cordell. #seeaustralia #hobartandbeyond #tasmaniaparks
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