Erik Tandy

🙅🏼‍♂️🙅🏿‍♂️: 18 year old 🇳🇴🇬🇧: Harstad, Norway 🏋🏿💪: Non-certified personal trainer 🏆🏅: 10 times winner of the Tandy bodybuilding championship

When your not near any gym and have to improvise, doing street workout is a great solution. Found a local playground where I can do @kalimuscle styled training and also flex on the kids. - Photo📸: @sindre_tan
Finished my hiking trip on Monday. A little bit earlier than planned but some unfortunate events delayed us. Currently chillin at my grandads place in Coventry before heading back home next week. The trip was all in all a good shred for my body but walking about 147 kilometers in 5 days has really showed me that my cardio gains need improving before military.
Day 5 at fat camp: Pretty exhausted at the moment. Been walking for some days now and my legs are dying. Sorry for the backwards cap, I got a sunburn on my neck. - Photo📸: @sindre_tan
Rip my ni🅱️🅱️a Marley. - Photo📸: @sindre_tan
Day 2 at fat camp: I’m starting to feel my how this trip is affecting my organs. I think my heart and my liver are starting to fail me. I believe my body just isn’t built for this type of cardio. Had a 34 kilometer walk over some mountains. - Photos📸: @tandy_fitness
Day 1 at fat camp: journey begins. - Photo📸: @sindre_tan
On my way to Manchester to do a 1 week hiking trip in the mountains, also known as fat camp. - Photo📸: @sindre_tan
Who did it best?🤔 - Photo📸: @birkelandfitness
Finishing school with style. - Photos📸: @matildebogner @theokarlsen @johanlund99
Been working a lot out with my former rival @birkelandfitness lately. He used me as a model while adjusting the lighting on his camera. @playboy hit me up if you ever need some spicy magazine photos. - Photo📸: @birkelandfitness
I have always been against all kinds of cardio training, but because of recent events and the fact that I have military service soon I have decided to try out this ancient style of working out. - Photo📸: @birkelandfitness . - #sinner
Finally finished my 4th exam today which means that I’m now officially done with high school. It has been 3 good years of sleep and rest but now I have time to fully prioritize my powerlifting career. - Photo📸: @rogansri
Been struggling to find out who I am lately, therefore me and my friend went hiking in the mountains so I could find myself. - Photo📸: @livet_som_veggis
6 months back transformation. Have had a nice decrease in fat due to my strict diet of only eating carrots and broccoli. PS!! i am 100% natty, i promise. Please believe me😭. - Photo📸: @livet_som_veggis and @jensbirgermadsen
I apologize for the low amount of posts lately. Have been doing a lot of cardio the last week which has truly burned out my body. Considering doing a model photoshoot with my bro @birkelandfitness soon so stay tuned for that. - Photo📸: @x_alkedroo
No caption needed💦 #mensmodel Photo📸: @ingebrexprivat
Officially done with my russetid, it has been one of the best periods of my life. Have had a fantastic time with fantastic people❤️💥💥 #rt18
Happy for my little bro for finally being a confirmated elite level powerlifter❤️. - Photo📸: @shawstrength
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