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Body under construction💪👊 BoyMom 💙💙 Proud LEO supporter 🖤💙🖤 FarmGirl 🐓 🐖 🐎 Nurse 🚑💊💉 💪 #IAM1STPHORM 🤙

Ironman planks #likeaboss 😂😂 #boymom #sillymarveltoys
The hardest part of raising animals. This little guy is a preemie, and we’re helping him fight for his life. Any prayers y’all have to spare are greatly appreciated 💕 #boergoat #preemie #littlesnuggler #bottlebaby #farmingsucks #lovetohatekiddingseason
Just drinking my fruit 💕 🍷 🍇 something about moscato makes me warm and tingly. Oh yea, that’s the bubbles. Almost time for summer barbecues on the farm! #wine #wino #moscato #workhardplayharder #mommydrinkssoshedoesntlosehershit #mommyneedsatimeout oh.. and CHEERS @ds.mrs !!!
Keep seeing all these competition pictures and thinking.. I’d like to try that. #thoughtoftheday
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Left the kids behind and had a mom and daughter day with @celesteweander ! Shopped a little, built fairy gardens.. now we have the boys back and we’re headed for sushi and to see #marvel #infinitywar #lazysaturday #iam1stphorm #workhardplayharder #sushi
I’M GLOWING!! Not only did we just rock out at #Zumba (miss @dolcedancer was feelin holy, blessed by the Zumba gods!) but I have my bowtie back!!!! Missed this big diesel monster soooooo much! #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #workhardplayharder #theresaholeinmywhat #chevy #duramax #allison #gymhairdontcare #gruntstyle #stealthyaf
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This is so true for me.. in so many ways. The most recent being a fat loss challenge I joined, 12 weeks long and you take one of their thermolytic supps daily. Ok, sure I’ll give it a try - everyone who completes it supposedly gets a jacket, T-shirt, and shaker cup just for following the plan through and submitting final entries. I’m thinking cool, I dig some of the things this company offers, let’s do it. However it was poorly run, and it’s been over a month since the competition “ended”.. and I get a voucher for $50 company credit.. ok so I email them asking what about the prizes they advertised, and their answer was no, sorry, we’re running low on those items so they’re no longer prizes (note, the jacket/T-shirt/cup total about $75+ when purchased retail) so I’m super disappointed in this company. Yet another reason why I choose to stick with @1stphorm .. they are so supportive and stand by their word. I appreciate all they have to say and competitions they put on. Even if I didn’t represent the company, I would recommend them for quality product and even greater quality support, customer service and ethic. We truly are a #phamily Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes I did borrow a car this morning and made it to #Zumba #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #workhardplayharder #hateshadycompanies #ijoinedtherightphamily
Back in the gym on this Monday morning.. lord hoping I can keep it up. I’m down to one shared vehicle this week so who knows 😢 chevy’s in the shop. Hey @1stphorm let’s start a supercar rental program! First customer: me! Lol. So it’s been about a week and a half since I was in the gym. Lost motivation, farm life too busy.. etc etc. found myself in town this morning with about half an hour to kill before I have to drop the car at Schwab’s.. so gym time! Not wearing gym clothes.. only had flip flops on. Time for some barefoot deadlifts and rack pulls, and kb swings just for fun! Loaded the bar as heavy as I could and PR’d a 3 rep set at 205lbs (heaviest I’ve gone since the accident.. so a post accident PR?), dropped the weight a bit to get in additional sets. Not bad for being utterly unprepared. Now to pray I have a way into the gym the rest of the week since my baby is in the shop and the car is otherwise in use! #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #transphormation #motivationmonday #getinthegym #sunsout
And it’s ok be ok. Throwing out some love to all the mommies out there today 💕💕
Definitely not the #bestdayever .. but this glass of wine is making it better! Got off work, went and had my weekly massage and adjustment, on the way home I find out the pigs got loose from their pen and got into the barn.. they turned all the turkeys loose and then attacked my poor mother. So as I’m rushing home my truck breaks down. Black smoke everywhere and no power. So we limp home. But, after some messing around and about $200 in parts, the truck is doing ok, I went back to work and weeded the garden beds, and now I’m home enjoying several glasses and snuggling with my kiddos. Tomorrow is a new day! #wine30 #damndieseltruck #farmisrioting #atleastigotoutside #sunshine #pnw #gardening #soilprep
This is my dunce cap. And the frown face is because I’m sorry to say but I’ve lost my momentum. I lifted one day last week and I haven’t even gone to the gym yet this week. My body feels wrecked, I have zero motivation.. and no one else in my household is even the slightest bit interested in fitness, so I can’t look to them to help light a fire under my ass. So.. insta-world.. what are some of your “go to” tricks when you hit a slump and just can’t get back into it? #halp #imissthegym #cantgetmotivated #WHYAMISOTIRED #stupidnightshift #advice #showmesomelove #feelingdown
I drink.. and I know things. Sometimes you just need a glass of wine to unwind. Today was brought to you by Moscato, sunshine, and planting flowers and vegetables! Happy Sunday everyone 💕🤙
This dog is 14. I rescued him at 6 months, he lived with my dad for a few years when he was about 6 and then when dad passed away he came back to me. I can not describe the amount of loyalty and love this old man has. We almost lost him earlier this week when he was attacked by something on our farm, but the beautiful ER team at NWVS Frankenstein’ed him back together. At this age, I hesitated because he’s an old man and didn’t deserve to suffer, but he is stronger and feistier than ever and I’m so glad I chose to put off that trip across the rainbow bridge for now. #Womansbestfriend #australianshepherd #aussie #reddog #stupidcoyotes #olddog #bestdog
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