Sukhraj Singh

Pursing to become a Bodybuilder 18 y/o - (230 ben, 325 Squ, 400 dea @170 LBS 17y/o)

The new toy is coming
The piggy bank jar is almost full, had to find something to buy 👌🏽
Me and Dylan are just getting warmed up
I'm gonna squat till I die 🔥🔥
Popeye 😁
This is probably the freakiest I've ever looked.
Bulk progression November 5, 2017-76.4kg January 22, 2018 - 80.6kg. Surprised I've still got some cuts 😂
Arms were so pumped me and @dylan_mcneely ended up going out to cut some wood.
Finally getting my strength back in. Ahh well 2.20X body weight deadlifts. Will try 180kg soon
Can't wait for this beast to arrive.
Back on the lean bulk. Let's see what a whole year of bulking will bring.
Overtraining? Never heard of it
Morning back lat spread, no lighting, no filter, no bullshit.
Another year almost wrapped, with a successful bulk (185lbs) and cut (172lbs). This sport has taught me many things. It's a life lessen, if you want something you work for it, if you want a bigger chest you go to the gym and build it up. All this time I haven't missed a cardio session, never missed a training session and never missed a single meal and if I did I would be kicking myself knowing that I missed that single meal. For Dallas
Now you know. MR.O
Days go by and I'm fuelled by the marks you have left behind. RIP Dallas. #doitfordallas
RIP big country, prayers go out to your family and friends 😥😥 at 26 years old with an incredible physique, had high hopes of you being Mr. Olympia. You've inspired many and will continue to as your legacy although short lived was full of excitement and happiness. RIP big brother 😥😥
Where the mind goes, the body will follow. It's Basic - Eat train sleep ,repeat
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