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Life amongst the clouds over San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean. #airplane #travel #sky #clouds #sanfrancisco #bayarea
TGIF! After a lovely 3 weeks at home, I’m hitting the road again today for the next ten days. I’m at the airport now headed to Albuquerque for 5 days and then on to NYC. Grateful to be feeling pretty good physically on my travel day and looking forward to getting some work done and of course getting some play in. This is flight #27 since I started my new job in November. I love traveling so this part of the job has been really great for me. Actually all parts of my job have been really great for me and I know that makes me really lucky. #airport #airplane #travel #lifeontheroad #chronicillness #diabetes #arthritis #fibromyalgia #vegan #curlyhair #redlips #redlipstick #thoughtsbecomethings
Action shot from today’s physical therapy session. You might be saying to yourself “how does this girl look so damn good all the time, even while exercising?” Good question, I don’t know what my secret is. Today has been a really good day. Lowish pain, settled a contract at work after six months of hard work and fighting , and just generally feeling upbeat and positive about life. Lots of smiling and pep in my step today and for that I am grateful. #chronicillness #arthritis #diabetes #fibromyalgia #spoonie #physicaltherapy #bayarea #vegan #curlyhair #curvygirl #thoughtsbecomethings #sneakers #kicks #nike #cortez #nikecortez #sneakerhead
Today I made two monumental life decisions and I don’t think it’s coincidence they happened on the same day. 1. I gracefully embraced the fact that I’m over 40 and gave in to the need to buy reading glasses. 2. I decided I really like the word motherfucker and I am working on incorporating it more into my everyday vocabulary. It’s a great word that works well to describe people, places, things and chronic illness. On an unrelated note, my A1C was 5.2 so I may be struggling w fibromyalgia but I am kicking diabetes motherfucking ass. 💪🏽💪🏽 #chronicillness #diabetes #arthritis #fibromyalgia #spoonie #vegan #curlyhair #naturalhair #oakland #bayarea #thoughtsbecomethings
I don’t have to go out of town for work until the end of the week so I meal prepped my new favorite summer dish I invented last week so that I have something yummy and healthy on hand at home for the next few days. I tweaked it from last week and used black beans instead of chick peas, added more veggies and used @caribeque Calypso Heat to spice it so I have a little kick in the flavor. I’ll put some pictures up in my story to show you how I made it. #vegan #healthyfood #cooking #mealprepsunday #chronicillness #spoonie ##arthritis #fibromyalgia #bayarea #oakland #thoughtsbecomethings
Live from the Farmers Market. #music #livemusic #bayarea #sanleandro
Want to know how to guarantee smiles? Feed treats to dogs at the animal shelter. It makes the pain go away for 15 minutes. Today is a better day than yesterday which I’m thankful for. My pain is still here but it was tolerable enough I could leave the house for the farmers market, Target and an unplanned stop at the animal shelter. Next up, a movie, then home to rest. Finding things to give you joy when your in constant pain is important to being able to keep going. Glad I was able to do that today. (Swipe). #chronicillness #spoonie #fibromyalgia #diabetes #arthritis #vegan #dogs #pets #animals #chihuahua
TRUTH. The many faces of chronic illness. I couldn’t deal w the pain anymore so my doctor sent me to the ER at Stanford Hospital because they have a pain management ER. I’m on some IV pain meds and muscle relaxers and feeling really terrible. I felt so good on vacation and now I feel like I’m paying for having fun. Fibromyalgia is a mind fuck, just when you think you’re all good it comes back w an awful flare up and fucks with you. All the love and hugs needed today. It’s starting to sink in that I have the rest of my life to have to deal w this. That is an extremely long time to live w pain, but if anyone can find a way to rise above, it will be me- Kim Fucking Carter. #chronicillness #spoonie #fibromyalgia #diabetes #arthritis #vegan #thoughtsbecomethings
TRUTH. The many faces of chronic illness. WOW. Last night and today I have been having a majorly major pain flare up. Last night I didn’t sleep at all. My back and shoulders hurt so bad my husband had to help me get undressed and get in bed. Each time I wanted to turn over I needed his help. I didn’t sleep at all and I spent part of the night crying. When I woke up this morning the pain was even worse. I willed myself out of bed by sheer grit and determination and I showered, got dressed, fed my cat and took a deep breath and started my day. I had no choice but to, I can’t let the pain get in my way of living my life. That’s the thing w chronic illnesses, they are always there in the background no matter what you are doing and you just have to keep going. I have to keep going. First up this morning was physical therapy. Getting through it was a challenge, I moaned and teared up doing a few exercises and there were two that I couldnt do at all because they hurt so bad. I decided not to let the fact that I couldn’t do them get me down, I decided instead to celebrate the fact that there were 4 I could do. That is winning in my book. And at least I made a new friend at physical therapy this morning, Mr. Bones. You know me, I always talk to strangers. #chronicillness #spoonie #diabetes #arthritis #fibromyalgia #physicaltherapy #vegan
Another tattoo in my growing collection of documenting meaningful experiences through art and storytelling on my body. The single most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen was a couple months ago and I wanted to always remember the image as a reminder that despite life being hard sometimes, there is always beauty in it and sometimes that beauty will take your breath away. The beauty of nature can remind you of all the good in the world and all the things you still dream of accomplishing. And because I’m Kim fucking Carter, will accomplish. I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico for work as I often am, and on the night of the full moon I drove east of the Sandia mountains so that I could see the moon and the stars without the light pollution of the city. The moon, in its magnificent glory, rose over the mountains and the sky was littered with a million, actually probably a billion shining stars, shining with limitless and infinite possibilities. It was a miraculous sight unlike anything this urban city girl had ever seen. I love the imagery of stars, this is my third tattoo with them in it. One of the reasons I’m drawn to them is like the memories of loved ones we’ve lost, stars are always there, even when you can’t see them. But on this night I could see them, and they were unlike anything I could ever dream up in my imagination. I wanted to remember that scene on my body to remind me that there is so much more to come even if I can’t always see it. I put it on my body to add to my collection of tattoos where I’m documenting life’s beauty while doing things that are physically challenging. Some days just getting though the basics of life with chronic illness is physically challenging, but this tattoo will remind me that even during those times that life is beautiful, there’s more to come, life is full of limitless infinite possibilities and to believe with my full heart and to have faith in myself, to have faith in the unseen,and faith knowing I will accomplish all of my dreams. And I have many. Limitless and infinite even. Thanks to my artist @rudyjusto for yet another incredible job turning my ideas into meaningful and beautiful art. #tattoo #desert #landscape
@rudyjusto working his magic. More art. More storytelling. #tattoo
Last day of vacation. I had physical therapy this morning. To be real, it was a little depressing and a lot humbling. I struggled through exercises that I could have done a year ago blindfolded and with my hands tied behind my back. Now they are a struggle. But in my head I know I need to continue to do them so I can get stronger and be in the best physical position to live w chronic illness. After PT I went and joined a new gym that has a pool. After I signed up I used the pool for 20 minutes and the hot tub for 20 minutes. It felt great and helped me shake off the sadness from PT and remind me that I am a warrior and I can, no I will do this. Life is good, I am grateful. #chronicillness #spoonie #diabetes #arthritis #fibromyalgia #gym #exercise #pool #vegan #thoughtsbecomethings
Got home last night around midnight from my vacation. Actually it was more than a vacation, it was a bucket list dream vacation come true-combining a road trip through California and following my favorite band to 4 shows in 4 cities up and down the West Coast. To be honest, for a couple weeks leading up to my vacation I was nervous I wouldn’t enjoy myself. We planned this vacation many months ago- before fibromyalgia was even a thing let alone such a big thing in my life. I was scared I would be in too much pain to enjoy doing what I love to do- dance to my favorite music under the stars on a warm summer night. Each show had its own challenges, from far away parking lots, to heat, to climbing lots of stairs, to sitting on the ground. Rather than get caught up in those challenges or the pain of the physical activity-I focused instead on the surroundings, on meeting new people, on getting into the music, the light show, on really enjoying the scene. Each night I made a decision I was not going to let my chronic illnesses get in the way of me enjoying life and things I love to do. And I didn’t. I decided I was going to be free from the negative aspects of chronic illness for a few days, and my mindset guided my body and I was able to have the time of my life. And for that mindset, and the strength to stay in it, I am forever grateful. #chronicillness #spoonie #diabetes #arthritis #fibromyalgia #vegan #curlyhair #bayarea #oakland #curvygirl #thoughtsbecomethings #girlswtats #girlswithtattoos
Sunset on the highway. Brokedown Palace on the radio. Fuck yes to this life! ❤️⚡️💙🔥 #sunset #summer #deadhead #deadandcompany #gratefuldead #california #travel
On the road, headed home. #roadtrip #vacation #california #lifeontheroad
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