Talk About Funny! #SteveTVShow • See what happens during commercial breaks when the cameras are “Still Rolling w/Steve Harvey” on Facebook Watch: 👇🏾

@MercedesMason had :60 to guess these celebrity babies but what I didn't count on was that she'd have a teammate...the audience!
@DebbieGibson explains how artist feuds in pop music have always existed, but the real secret to success is banding together.
@HowieMandel told me he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body and boy did he have the story to back it up!
This has never happened before- Eddie Griffin's dance moves earned him a standing ovation from my audience!
I have to give @RealTracyMorgan props for being so candid about his life before acting in his new show @TheLastOGtbs. I see why it means so much to him.
Y'all recognize Miss Diana Hunter from over 41 years of @HBOats commercials! Now that she's retiring, we're sending her off in style!
I had some @shemarmoore superfans in the audience, so I had them ask him some questions- like how many abs he actually has.
What Anthony Anderson meant to say was… For more LOL moments, visit
I can't decide who should win... I think I need help from a special celebrity guest judge! @chefanneburrell
I played truth or dare with @lucyhale and @tylerposey58 and it was my best game ever. I have a feeling it was also the best game ever for the girl in the audience Tyler kissed on a dare. Watch Tyler Posey drink hot sauce while stepping on Legos at!
The internet is outraged by this mom who constantly weighs her 6-year-old daughter. @diannvalentine , @jodiesweetin & @zurihall have a lot to say about this one. #StraightTalk Watch the full clip!
Don't miss these ladies on today's #StraightTalk panel! @diannvalentine @jodiesweetin @zurihall Check your local listings to find out how to watch at
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