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Ac: @/neistat.mp4 I stayed up until 5 am for this if it flops I’ll actually cry
[spoilers!] Ac: @kuteaudios Cc: mine Show: Anne with an E Should’ve scrapped this but I had to post something lmao
Here’s a picture of my birb as an apology for spamming
Scrap 🤪 Ac/ib: @/westnois
[harry potter] This is basic as fuck, I know. Ac: @/Arabclla Cc: Me Fc: 49
Tom Riddle Ac: @/mystic.gods Cc: me Fc:32
I wanna start a new theme so hol up
Ac/Cc: me Fc:29
[hedric] Ugh I love them they deserved to be cannon Ac: @/wolvela Cc: mine Dt: @vadcr @binareysunset @galaxyfarfararey @natasharawmanoff uwu I WAS SUPPOSED TO POST THIS YESTERDAY BUT AE KEPT CRASHING AND MY TOUCHPAD STOPPED WORKING???
[jurassic world] Ac: @/Mystic.gods Cc: Mine This is hella off beat and simple I blame ae for being a bitch Anyways I’m proud of this??? I think it’s the coloring but idk
[og trio] Cc: Evilherself Ac/ib : Mdnght.mp4 Dt: @galaxyfarfararey I know I’m late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! hope your day was full of happiness and joy bc u deserve it and uuh I’m sorry ab this u deserve much better than whatever this is 😔😔 aNYWAYS ILY
Han Solo Ac: @/jedipotter_ Cc: @/evilherself Dt: @vadcr (aka his biggest stan) WEll this was long overdue anyways you deserve better than this and I’m sorry sksks
Daniel Radcliffe Ib: @/mdnght.mp4 Ac: @/luvly.audios Cc: @/evilherself Dt: @galaxyfarfararey @binareysunset @peach.skywalker @natasharawmanoff It’s v short ik, i got tired 😪
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