This account protects Taika Waititi

Anyways they deserve all the love in the world
Deserved sm better siGh [??]
Anyways this is the dumbest theory of all time
Honestly wind river is such a good film like??? It’s really interesting and intriguing, has Elizabeth Olsen + Jon bernthal and has really good Native American representation like hello? [@bvrnez ]
His hair starting to recede siGh
My 18 Favourite Star Wars characters 14, DJ Bye he doesn’t deserve to be on this list but I love/hate him phew we love snake played by a mAnz 🤪🤪🤪 [@resistancespark ]
18 Favourite Star Wars characters 15, Asajj ventress One of the most complex and sassy characters in Star Wars, I loved her banter with obi wan and she deserved so much better siGh [??]
my 18 Favourite Star Wars characters 16, rose tico Oop I don’t care about the hate, it’s a cute little baby who saved finn and is an underrated baddie and softie siGh [@screwskywalker ]
18 Favourite Star Wars characters 17, Darth Maul Wow we love an iconic baddie siGh, hopefully we’ll see him again too 🤪🤪 he crazy fun to watch with a kewl ass look [@sirenscurs.e ]
My 18 Favourite Star Wars characters 18, Enfys Nest Wow we love a baddie who has me WHIPPED with 5 minutes of screentime, she better return siGh [@sandh8ter ]
I know damn weLl
Rene Russo in nightcrawler tho 👀👀🤪
Characters who deserve to be in battlefront 2 🤪🤪
I have so many dumb uneducated followers what did I do to deserve this
We love a woke QUEENIE
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