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Today I started a new job which is not a good idea according to many of my friends in terms of its infamous over hours(my fellow architects, you know what I mean). I got a bit stressed out the day before so I decided to spent the whole day in bed cause for me bed is like a safe zone. How do you cope with stress? Got any routines?
My neighbor’s cat always shoots me mean looks. Still, happy Caturday guys.
Seriously, what is it with cats and cucumbers?!
That dude’ll wipe his glasses with anything.
Yes, I am one of those! Eat, drink, play FIFA and watch the World Cup. That’s good life! How about you guys? Enjoying it? Annoyed yet?
Hi-5 for a scheduled fart. 😎😎😎 Did this little doodle with my mouse. Like it yet?
Here’s the face of being scared listening to horror stories.😅 In May I wrote a short horror story and I told it to my friend. He was not impressed.😂
instantly cheered up. :)
It’s always nice to have your buddy around.
The pet portraits are back. Happy Caturday my friends.
Truth about interviews.
I just re-opened my Etsy shop and saw a lovely comment from a purchaser of my to-do-list calendar. So glad that someone is using it exactly as how I’ve imagined it. Here’s what’s for April: enjoy a sunrise. Have you had a nice one?
What is your record time? Or you basically live in your bathroom😂?
Hi guys, long time no talk. I was a bit depressed about my job but I’ve pulled through. From now on I’ll be more present, wish you all a good start in May.
We drew each other on the rubber and printed it out. I included a close-up of my portrait at the end so you guys could appreciate nerdboy’s talent in art😂😂 It turned out as if I were mad at him. Maybe that is quite an accurate picture of our daily life?😅😂 Happy weekend guys!
What a productive day looks like.
Started running again, and I felt exactly the same as I first started running last year. 😅
Happy Easter 🐇 you guys. What are you doing for the holidays?
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