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We had one Golden evening with @kylieminogue and her top Premium fans 🥇
“I listen to @iamkevingates , @future , @thuggerthugger1 , @only1_gunna. Anybody I listen to inspires me, because I know what I like, so I know what I want to put out.” - @lilbaby_1. Go stream his new album #HarderThanEver now 🔊 (📸 @spankyspanky )
One’s mans trash is #Midland ’s treasure. Watch these guys turn some pawn shop finds into musical gold on #HotCountry 🎸🎶⭐️. Link in bio.
We’ve had a #Hunger for you, @florence ❤️ Watch now in the Ultimate Indie playlist. Link in bio.
“The title of my album—Tell Me How You Really Feel—I meant it quite earnestly, I think, but there are moments where I would use it sarcastically. I like that it's not too solid, and that it's not a question, really. It's not me asking you, and it's not you asking me. But maybe it's both I don't know." @courtneymelba considers the title of her newest album. Stream it now. (📸 @xavier.james_ )
We spy with our little eye the new @superduperkyle album #LightOfMine featuring #2Chainz , #Kehlani , #Khalid and more. Go stream it now (and wish KYLE a happy b-day!) 💡
@bts.bighitofficial ’s #FakeLove vertical video is here 💥 Watch it in now in This is BTS playlist. Link in bio.
@karolg discusses the parallels of riding bikes to her music and her career. ✨☄️ Check out her full documentary and much more on #SpotifyRise . Link in bio 🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️
No more Tuesday nights without him... #SamHunt ’s first single since "Body Like A Back Road" is finally here. Go stream "Downtown's Dead" right now.
Hey @Camila_Cabello ! "Havana" is a killer song we can't resist. Nor can millions of fans all over the world. Nor can this funny doll thing in our commercial. Listen free on Spotify.
“If you want to make music a reality, just continue to grind and hustle. Have a focus and have a vision for what you’re doing.” - @cautiousxclay ’s message to anyone making music while working a day job. His new song French Riviera is now streaming. (📸 @danatellaversayce )
We've been spending some time at @ArcticMonkeys ' Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. Experience it for yourself on Spotify now.
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