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Ahhhh yessssss... that's the spot! With 10-month old koala joey, Bao Bao stealing the show at @clelandwildlifepark ​ today, Isaac decided to take the afternoon off for a little pamper session. Lucky guests visiting for #ChineseNewYear this afternoon enjoyed a special meet and greet with Isaac’s super-cute little mate, who was named by our #SouthAustralia Global Tourism Ambassador, Huang Xiaoming. Bao Bao, the park’s youngest koala joey is currently being trained behind-the-scenes to enable him to be ready to meet the public – and his name translates to ‘Hug’ in Mandarin! So we’re guessing you, like us, can’t wait to see him up close and personal… Gong xi fa cai, everyone! (Bao Bao tells us that means ‘Happy Chinese New Year’)! 🐨😍 #SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: just a 2hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide – then a 30 minute drive to Cleland Wildlife Park in @visitadelaidehills ]
Nope. Not moving today… It’s been a week since sharing @_markfitz ’s stunning shot of @purecoffinbayoysters at Coffin Bay, but Foodie Friday’s here again already - and that only whet our appetite for more (like this)! Once we’re done guzzling down these bad boys by the water, we’ll get back to drooling over the delicious @tastingaustralia program, being served up right across the State from 13-22 April, 2018. With over 140 events across 10 days and 11 regions – this is just one spot #TastingAustralia Airlines can take you for a day of pure culinary decadence. From @eyrepeninsula ’s Seafood Frontier, to the wild scapes of @authentickangarooisland , world-famous vines of @mybarossa and @mclaren_vale , and the rich Wagyu beef country of our Limestone Coast – hop on board your charter plane to be released into the wild - where the flavours are rich, unfiltered and prepared by the cream of the crop! #SeeSouthAustralia 🏖🍽 [📍Location: A 50 minute flight to @port_lincoln from #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , then a 35 minute drive to Coffin Bay ]​
"Hang on, @dane_ohh... Is this the self-timer button?" Not sure how the rest of Slippery Steve’s little photo shoot with @adventurebaycharters went down, but he tells us he’s always pretty pumped to see the humans drop in for a dip! It’s just your average day out in the pristine waters of @eyrepeninsula – and one submarinal wildlife safari you’ll definitely want to add to your bucket list! In fact, jump in with these guys and you’ll find it’s pretty hard to tell who’s really providing the entertainment - the humans or the animals... Our tip: the more fun you appear to our puppy dogs of the sea (think: lots of splashing and somersaults), the more they’ll want to hang out! Oh, and as for keepsakes, just ask Steve when you’re in town. Word is he finally found the right button, and he’s always up for a selfie! #SeeSouthAustralia 🐶💦 [📍Location: 50 minute flight (or 7.5 hour drive) to @port_lincoln from #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia ]
It’s baaaaack! It’s that crazy, cool, eclectic time of year again, and we’re ready to get our @adlfringe on, starting tomorrow! With loads of free events to fire up the festivities, get yourself to the Opening Night Street Party on North Terrace from 5:00pm-10:00pm this Friday 16th to soak up the vibes and Switching on of the Parade of Light at @samuseum. Oh, and we all love a little garden party, right? Even better, the @thegardenofud here’ is also springing to life beneath the leafy trees of the East End, while the @royalcroquetclub ’s flinging open its doors with opening act @hermitude at @adlriverbank ’s Pinky Flat. These all mark the start of a month-long carnival of colour, chaos and revelry – and a star-studded line-up of live arts, music, food and wine! So, dust off those party shoes people... Click the link in our bio ⬆️⬆️⬆️ to get your slice of the action! #SeeSouthAustralia ! 🎉 [📍 Location: just a 2 hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia ]
Okay, not sure about you, but we could just walk up and down this staircase all evening… When @nathangodwin spotted the last golden rays of the day throwing their light onto @officialfleurieupeninsula ’s Southport beach, he perched himself up top and pulled out his camera at just the right moment. Truth is, there’s plenty of gems sitting at the bottom too… Not only do local surfers descend these glowing cliffs for crisp, clean waves on daily basis, but fishermen, walkers, swimmers and photographers are all drawn to these white sands, blue seas and the mouth of the Onkaparinga River for their own reasons. When you’re done by day, rest your head to the sounds of the ocean at @coastmotelandapartments across the road… #SeeSouthAustralia 🌅🙌 [📍Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , and a 45 minute drive to Port Noarlunga ]
Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! No matter what your plans are, we hope you’re turning on the romance for your significant other! When @twitchyrachie dropped by Pennington Bay on @authentickangarooisland a while back, she got some pretty good vibes from Mother Nature - who’s clearly been busy weaving her magic on the shoreline… Whether it’s white sandy beaches, snug little coves, rugged cliffs or windswept wilderness you’re waking up to this morning, let those starry eyes take over and enjoy the moment. Oh, when you’re done hanging out in this patch of KI paradise, it’s well worth a detour to @sunsetfoodandwine to soak in their amazing views food and wine, or @kishellfish to wrap your lips around the juiciest, freshest seafood in season. Ooh, baby… we’re in luuurve! 💗💚💙#SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: just 2 hrs flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , then a 35 minute @qantas flight (or 2.5hrs drive/ferry) to Kangaroo Island ]
The cool @officialfleurieupeninsula jewel of Port Elliot is a genuine crowd-pleaser for city types looking to get away from it all - and all just a stone’s throw from Adelaide! With aquamarine water, a perfect half-moon beach, steep headlands and some of the best fish and chips you’ll ever taste at @flyingfishcafe , right by the water’s edge - it’s pretty easy to slip into holiday mode at Horseshoe Bay. Kudos to @jesse_ehlers for gliding by recently and bagging this beauty recently... We’re guessing the guys with the beach brolly were pretty popular this sunny afternoon! Where are you heading in the last 3 weeks of summer heat? #SeeSouthAustralia 🏖 [📍Location: a 1hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , then a 1.5 hour drive to Port Elliot ]
After snagging the world’s attention in this year’s @nfl Dundee #Superbowl campaign, @australia ’s best mate in tourism @chrishemsworth ducked in for a splash of @jacobscreekwine ’s top drop in @mybarossa before retracing #Dundee ’s steps on @authentickangarooisland this week! With its food, wine, beaches and wildlife all turning it on, seems ‘KI’ not only delivered a prime spot to get back to nature, but also some quality time with the family, a little surfing, and even a chance to hang out with the locals at @sealbay. After touring with @kiwildernesstours , catching dinner with @hooked_on_ki and cuddling a koala at @kiwildlifepark , it was time to jump in for a dip with @kimarineadventures and the north coast’s prolific (and very friendly) dolphin squad! If that’s enough to spark your inner travel bug, just click the link in our bio ⬆️⬆️⬆️ for a whole swag of ideas to kick-start your #SeeSouthAustralia adventures! 🐨🐬🏖🍷 [📍Location: just 2 hrs flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , then a 35 minute @qantas flight (or 2.5hrs drive/ferry) to Kangaroo Island ]
Who doesn’t love a lazy day at the pool? When @brodiedufek stumbled upon this gem, it became his ‘new favourite spot’ – and something of an obsession almost instantly. This is just one of many coastal jewels on our incredible @eyrepeninsula - and with miles of crystal clear water, rugged cliffs and empty beaches in all directions, this place is one seriously giant oceanic playground. Naturally, when you’re in Australia’s Seafood Frontier, it’s also worth rolling out your towel for a little beach picnic while you’re at it. We’d suggest grabbing some local oysters from the @freshfishplace down the road, and settling in for sunset with a nice glass of @bostonbaywines Sauvignon Blanc. You’re welcome! #SeeSouthAustralia 🏖💦 [📍Location: 50 minute flight (or 7hr drive) to @port_lincoln from #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia ]
There’s never a dull moment on a roadtrip along @eyrepeninsula ’s spectacular coastline... When @frothography hit the road to Cactus Beach it took him past Lake MacDonnell - where he copped Mother Nature’s full palette of pink and green! The lake’s intense colour comes from a super high salt concentration - plus loads of cool little micro-organisms that live in the water (when they’re pink, they’re thriving)! At the end of this road you’ll also find an oceanic wonderland that’s become a mecca for surfers from across the world - and one of the most powerful breaks in the Southern Ocean. Whether it’s waves or wilderness that floats your boat - if you’re up for an epic adventure of your own, jump on board with @xploreeyre or @nullarbortravel for a journey like no other. 💖💚🏄#SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: a 1hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , then a 1.5hr flight (or 8.5 hour drive) to @cedunaonline , and a 45min drive to Point Sinclair ]
It’s a HOT Foodie Friday, and the incredible waters of Coffin Bay in @eyrepeninsula don’t just look like utopia, they’re also home to some of the plumpest, juiciest oysters in the world! That’s a pretty good reason to hop on board @tastingaustralia airlines and join in the festivities from 13-22 April, with @purecoffinbayoysters here just one of the amazing culinary locations that’ll take your tastebuds on holiday. Australia’s pre-eminent eating and drinking festival is back bigger and better than ever this year - with over 140 events to be held across 10 days and 11 regions, showcasing the extraordinary people, places and produce from our State, our country and the world! Click the link in our bio for the full event lowdown... ⬆️⬆️⬆️ Thanks to @_markfitz for the amazing snap! #SeeSouthAustralia 🏖🍽 [📍Location: A 50 minute flight to @port_lincoln from #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , then a 35 minute drive to Coffin Bay ]​
Whoah! It’s HOT out there! With the mercury hitting 39C in Adelaide today and tomorrow, it’s safe to assume our glorious beaches are prime pickings for a post-work dip. Kudos to @last_light_images for this gem at the renowned ‘sticks’ of Port Willunga, complete with fairy floss skies… With its 150-year old jetty ruins taking centre-stage against an incredible backdrop of cliffs, caves, and aquamarine water, winding up your day with a stroll and a paddle here is a pretty great way way to spend an evening – and even better with a nice chilled @shifty.lizard.brewing Slither Winner Ale in hand! Drop in for a frothy (or three) at their brand-spanking new Taphouse (Thu-Sun) in Willunga when you’re calling through, and check our Story ⬆️ for more tips on where to cool down! 🌅🏖🍺#SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: a 1hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , then a 45 minute drive to Port Willunga ]
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