Julian Maund-Klüppel

they / them / theirs / urs

Surgery recovery sucks I had no idea how limiting it would be. Im a bit #anxious and won’t be back to full health until August but do all you cute girls and boys promise you’ll still be my friends and party with me when I emerge? Even if I’m kind of an absent ghoul friend this month? I’m having a bunch of isolation anxiety
I love you. So much. Distance is temporary. We’ll always be friends.
wet pups fuck America
little gay models
Ur 2 favourite hobbits (I’ll miss u and ur cat hatred have fun in Greece 🇬🇷!)
Thought I’d post some recent drawings of me because holy shit look how talented my friends are. Drawing and painting is so beautiful and I have nothing but admiration for people who can do it because I 100% cannot. Feel free to draw me / my body anyway you like 🖤
let’s appreciate this Halloween look on this Halloween day.
a cursed beach day but we r cute and fun 🦑
Harvey @babydog001 (I lost my boom mic audio so it sounds like shit but I loved recording this. I want to shoot more short vids of people doing their passion, of artists making art 🎨)
busy with film editing which mainly means making sex playlists on Spotify while waiting for shit to render 📸: @homebones
me failing to use a filter. It’s weird how it’s just like „open your mouth“ and that’s trained in me to like activate the thing. Computers have warped our brains forever❗️
Thunder so peaceful
pizza & mochi
here comes a feeling you’d thought you’d forgot
you’ve got me tongue tied, cross eyed
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