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On Park Ave like I own it, I’m soo Developed and you know this. You know what else Dreams don’t happen unless you do ~ get Developed 😉
Loading... “Nothing Is Ever Really Finished” We should always look to develop ourselves in all areas of our life Mentally, Physically & Spirituality ~ get Developed // this past weekend we had the opportunity to vendor and print shirts for the JLDC dance recital (swipe left for more)
Doesn’t matter where you are from or your circumstances, sh*t happens to everybody. What matters is how you deal with them and what you do about it. ~ Get Developed
💶Coming in 📦going out @developed_official
Everyday thru any situation I will always have a smile on my face because I have a purpose to fulfill and look forward to ~ get Developed
Throwback Thursday 🎾 All Sports Athlete “Don’t just play, Play to Win” ~ get Developed
You don’t get what you want in life you get what you deserve ~ get Developed
A positive Mental Attitude is essential for everyday success ~ get Developed
Developed Custom LV shorts [Loading...] more things comings next week (shop link in bio)
Get Developed with our spring/summer Collection look Modeled by: @whitegurrl.leeyah / photography by: @ben.reese (shop link in bio)
Our success is defined by the amount of planning and action we take to achieve a certain objective ~ get Developed
@lilyvachon expressing her style in @developed_official Signature Tee paired with our custom shorts a perfect summer combination / shot by: @coripher ~ get Developed (shop link in bio)
I’m going to add “Pilot” to my resume, one day I will own a jet and fly it myself 🛫 Developed Aviation
Developed Signature Tees available in Lime green/ black and Red/ white (shop link in bio) ~ get Developed ~ film shot by: @lilyvachon
If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward- MLK ~ get Developed
The Developed Signature Tee is simple and straight to the point for your style and comfort ( Shop link in Bio )
Happy first Mother’s Day to my love thank you for our daughter and all that you are i appreciate you and love you unconditionally ❤️🌍❤️ @ashcashx5
There’s no need to compete with anyone, the best thing is to become a better version of yourself~ get Developed
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