A locally curated concept by Meraas where delicious Emirati food meets Indian and Iranian influences in City Walk & La Mer.

There’s nothing quite like a colourful and delightful platter of fresh fruits to cool you down over summer.
Catch up with a friend or colleague over lunch with us. We are always serving up delicious dishes.
Dive right into dinner with one of our hearty meals, Fish Machbous. Made to share or to enjoy as a solo feast for the hungry ones.
Take a culinary journey to Persia with our Chicken Kebab with White Rice
كيكة الذهب مع القهوة تركية لذاذة لا تقاوم ! Sweet tooth satisfaction … 24 Karat cake with Turkish coffee.
You’ve got to try out our Vegetable Biryani. It’s a subtle blend of herbs and spices that tease your taste buds.
كيكة الحليب مالتنا , الطعم من الآخر ! Our Milk Cake with a warm cup of tea, that should sort out your afternoon.
شو رايكم بخبز المحلى عالريوق ؟ How about our Muhalla with date syrup? Best for breakfast.
One of the UAE’s all-time favorite snacks is Parathas with dip and we’ve got it made to perfection.
نتمنى يوم سعيد لجميع الآباء في العالم Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.
سمكة الحارة اختيارك المثالي لعشاء خفيف The Samaka Harra. A perfect choice for a light dinner.
These savory cubes of grilled chicken are our beloved Persian Kebab.
فريق سكة يتمنى عيد مبارك وكل عام وانتم بخير The SIKKA Cafe team wishes you all Eid Mubarak
#didyouknow Legaimats are widely regarded as the official sweet of the UAE? Nothing beats a traditional dessert after a fantastic meal.
We'd like to thank @zahrakaz for this stylish and chic pic at SIKKA Cafe, City Walk
Experience the essence of Ramadan at SIKKA City Walk! Gather with your family & friends for a pleasant Iftar for AED 129 per person. Happy Friday.
Congratulations to our Iftar competition winners, @shakzabd_uae , @fromdoctortomom and @owaisd. Send us a message to book your spot at our La Mer branch for an incredible Iftar set menu.
Wondering what to have for Iftar? Here's a glimpse of what we are offering at our City Walk outlet. For reservations please call 04 385 6524. . . #SIKKACafe #SIKKA #SIKKADubai #CityWalkDubai #Dubai #dxb #uae #food #foodie #foodindubai #yum #nomnom #emirati #emiraticuisine #persian #persiancuisine #indian #indiancuisine #iftar #ramadan #رمظان #افطار
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