A locally curated concept by Meraas where delicious Emirati food meets Indian and Iranian influences. 8AM-11.30AM Breakfast 12PM-12AM Lunch/Dinner

A dining experience at SIKKA Cafe is incomplete without a generous helping of fresh and zesty Tabouleh.
Times of the past always bring a smile to the face, whether it’s your favourite food, favourite place or favourite people. SIKKA Café, coming up at La Mer.
A much loved Emirati dessert. Labneh Cheesecake with Date Jam. You’ve got to try it.
A traditional mezze dish served as a starter or as part of the main course, it’s our Hummus Beiruti with Meat.
Have you tried our Vimto Sherbet yet? We took one of the city’s most loved drinks and gave it the SIKKA twist.
Perhaps our Muhalla, Arabic style pancakes, served with date syrup and cream cheese or honey. Or you’d like to start with Falafel with a tahini dip?
These are our Dangaw. A lightly spiced and boiled dish of chickpeas and Arabic style cheese.
How about a glass of Karak with Lotus biscuits on the side for a light snack?
The SIKKA Breakfast menu is your perfect wake-up call.
Our Shakshuka comes with two eggs baked in a rich and creamy tomato sauce.
Freshly baked pita bread is a must have when you’re feasting on Arabic delights.
It’s time to devour our Signature breakfast for two. #Goodmorning #Repost @dxbreakfasts
We deliver, just give us a call if you are within City Walk.
We deliver, just give us a call if you are within City Walk.
We deliver, just give us a call if you are within City Walk.
If you’re looking for a delicious wake-up call, try our Balaleet for breakfast.
Got a big appetite? Then you need to try our Machbous. It’s a feast fit for one hungry person.
Our Chicken Soup is a great way to prepare your senses for the meal that you're about to enjoy.
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