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I'm always down to check out new, innovative products. Especially when there is the potential to improve any aspect of the concealed carry process. @recovertactical continues to innovate products where manufacturers are lacking creativity. Having a sweet pocket clip on your backup magazine is pretty cool, especially when in tucks away into the abyss of the lent collection tube inside of the grip. This is a great idea, and while the base pad doesn't add any rounds, it does give you, the extra grip for your pinky, and the option to use the pocket clip, or not. Let me know if you think I should throw down some stippling on there. And they're also about to drop some accessory rails for the Shield and more soon. Check them out. #orangelife #mandplife #twopointohlife #shieldlife #skylife #sierrakiloyankee
I'm just putting this out there, My IG Peeps... Pay attention to my #giveaways . You never know what I might throw in as a bonus. Because sometimes you can make someone's day, week, month, just by doing a little something extra to lift their spirits. And I can't stress this enough, #payitforward . When someone does something nice for you, do something nice for someone else. That shit is infectious! I'm not doing this to blow my own horn, but because @ominousohms was so cool and excited about winning while going through some rough shit, I even sent him a second hat for him to give to a worthy friend. It felt good for him to win, but it's going to feel even better when he hooks someone else up with a new hat. Be the type of person others will look to as an example of how to punch life in the face when it tries to impede your path.🔶🤜🤛👊👊🔶#orangelife #skylife #sierrakiloyankee #Repost @ominousohms (@get_repost ) ・・・ Been a ruff Thursday but it got better with HOLY #MAIL #BOX #DROP FROM @1776united @sierrakiloyankeeguns my mind is blown!!!!! thank you so much and the second hat will go to a great home "pics to come" massive lot so blessed thank you!!!! #hat #stickers #patches #guns #sky #sierrakiloyankee #1776united #freedom #youcanhaveitwhenyoupryitfrommycolddeadhands #gunsandcoffee #superman #batman
If you don't follow @squarejuan , you should do it now. He is one of the most inspirational people you'll ever come across. What he and his friends at @humanizingthebadge_official do will make you want to be a better person. He leads by example and he is one of those guys that IS making the world a better place to live. Juan Wilson IS what most aspire to be. Check him out, follow his page, follow his journey, and follow his lead. His merchandise sales assist him in continuing his efforts, so feel free to show your support that way as well. #sacrifice #sendme #squarejuan #htb #weseeyou #inspire #bebetter #dobetter #thinblueline #police #officer #sheepdog #teach #preach #bethechange
I just upgraded from a 24" x 36" patch board, to this Awesome 36" x 48" Mega Patch Wall from @always_outnumbered_llc. While I doubled the available space to continue indulging my addiction, my current collection looks a bit lost on this massive canvas. I guess I'm going to have to continue to aquire more and more and more patches. This is such a fun hobby and I'm so glad I had my own patches made to add to the fun of collecting. #needmorepatches #orangelife #patchlife #skylife #sierrakiloyankee #gunsandgear
CLOSED! Give me a bit to organize things for the drawing. Sunday Gunday GIVEAWAY TIME! After so many Patriotic posts this past week or so, I felt it was only fitting to do something else truly American and give some goodies away. List of goodies: -A brand new bad ass 1776 United grey/black snapback -A 4 piece 1776 United Sticker Pack -A Glow In The Dark 1776 United PVC Patch -A very cool Leather 1776 United Patch -A Sierra Kilo Yankee PVC Patch -5 Sierra Kilo Yankee High Performance Decals Simple Rules: 1. Follow @1776united and @sierrakiloyankeeguns. 2. Like this post. 3. Just tag ONE or MORE friends in a SINGLE Comment. (please don't comment multiple times, it will not help your chances of winning) 4. Make sure your tagged friends are following us. 5. When you win, you must show off your #1776united and #sierrakiloyankee Gear on Instagram and tag us both. *I know this rule can't be enforced, but if you fail to comply, you will be banished to fiery pits of Instagram hell. Just Kidding, it's just cool if you give us some love after we give you free stuff.🧡🤬😁 PS: Whether you win or not, you should go check out for an incredible sale that ends tonight at midnight. *Winner for this GIVEAWAY will be chosen by random number selection app. #orangelife #skylife #sierrakiloyankee #webstore #giveaway
FLASH SALE! Take 20% off of your entire order of just $20 or more. Starting NOW through Midnight tomorrow. This is our Post 4th Of July SALE since most other sales are over, we figured we should do one now. Use Discount Code SS20/20 at checkout only at (link in bio). Please feel free to message me with any questions or comments and I'll be happy to answer as quickly as I can. This is our biggest sale to date. Don't miss out. *PS: I'm still going to throw in 5 FREE High Performance Decals with your order as well. #orangelife #skylife #sierrakiloyankee #webstore #sale #sales #winning
What is your EDC missing? Check us out at (link in bio) for these and other great Orange Every Day Carry Gear items. And use Discount Code HOTASHELL at checkout for 10% off and 5 free High Performance SKY Decals. #orangelife #edclife #skylife #sierrakiloyankee
As an Official @tactikey Dealer you can purchase these awesome Blaze Orange Tactikeys with a sharpened Kwikset blank for just $11 at Link in Bio. These are fantastic EDC carry tools that you can take anywhere the commies won't let you take guns and knives, and use this as a self defense tool. You just grip it and rip it. And since #tactikey just laid down a whole ton of love on my page, they definitely deserved a dedicated post here. If you want this and more Orange Awesomeness(including my killer PVC patches), check out my site, or if you want more great Tactikey choices, is the place to go. #orangelife #tactikeylife #skylife #sierrakiloyankee #gunsandgear
Hope everyone had a Happy and Safe 4th of July. Today, I have seen so many incredible photos demonstrating Patriotism. My favorites are definitely all of the beautiful, bad ass, gun girls in their sexy ass red, white, and blue, stars and stripes swimsuits that remind me why #ikindahaveathingforgirlswithguns . Rock On, all of you Bad Ass, revolution loving, Constitution supporting, red, white and blue blooded, proud to be American Patriots! #america #merica #mericafuckyeah #patriot
They're BACK! At smaller than a 2 inch square, these CPR Keychain Masks are awesome to keep in your pocket, purse, or GO Bag should a Cardiopulmonary Event strike someone near you. This full face mask with a one way valve will keep you safe while performing life saving measures. As usual, it comes in High Visibility Orange and is only $2.50 at Check out tons of other great Orange EDC gear on our website. Link in Bio.
I bought this book to carry around at work just in case anyone wonders what I think of their opinion of me. #orangelife #skylife #sierrakiloyankee
Aww, Shit! Finally got my hands on an Orange Freedom Bear by @tamfamgram. You gotta stay on top of those patch drops or you'll miss out. And I can't forget this sick dual layer IWB from my favorite holster masters at @allegiantholsters with my S.K.Y. Clip from @customholsterclips. #orangelife #mandplife #twopointohlife #shieldlife #skylife #sierrakiloyankee
This may be my favorite Simply Sexy Shooter. Still simple mods that make it the perfect mid-size gun, even though it's called a Compact 2.0. #orangelife #mandplife #twopointohlife #skylife #sierrakiloyankee #flattylife Credits: -M&P M2.0 Compact 9mm by @smithwessoncorp -Forward Set Flat Faced Trigger Kit by @apextactical with @cerakote by @legionprecision -Tritium/Fiber Optic TFX Pro sights by @trugloinc -Tactical Candle by @inforce01 -Base Pads by @ndzperformance -Extended Mag Release by @springer_precision -Engraved Rear Slide Plate by @customholsterclips -Color Fill and 📷 by @sierrakiloyankeeguns
Simple, Sexy, Simply Sexy AF. @tyrantcnc Mag Extension with a little @sierrakiloyankeeguns stank on it. The @apextactical Bang Switch makes this the PERFECT CCW...period. #orangelife #mandplife #twopointohlife #skylife #sierrakiloyankee
#notaflatty but still the best feeling trigger of all of my @apextactical triggers. And you can never have enough extra magazines, or enough different base pads and extentions. However, the best looking, most functional, and tactical flush pads are these @vickers_tactical @tangodown beauties. I absolutely LOVE them. They are perfect in my opinion. #orangelife #mandplife #twopointohlife #skylife #sierrakiloyankee
Happy #mandpmonday . Here's a belly view of my M&P crew: 2.0 Shield 9, 2.0 Compact 9, 1.0 Full Size 40. More to buy soon. Several upgrades to all, just enough to make them awesome. I love this line of firearms. And don't forget that sexy ass @pitbulltactical Universal Mag Carrier that will fit any of these mags with no mods. How about that shit!? That is all, have a great week, you awesome, #2ndamendment loving bastards. #orangelife #mandplife #twopointohlife #onepointohlife #skylife #sierrakiloyankee
This is for you guys, I'm involved in the giveaway, sign up and follow. Huge package of gear to the winner. #Repost @tactical.panda (@get_repost ) ・・・ 🔻Multi-Company Giveaway🔻 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🔹DIRECT LINK IN BIO🔹 🇺🇸🐼 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ The winner will win ALL the gear in this Giveaway! Over $1000 worth of gear for the winner! Visit our website to see the list of gear the winner will receive! We’ll choose a winner when we reach 4000 followers!!! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🚨FOLLOW all the companies below 🚨FILL OUT the entry form on our site ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ @tactical.panda @epicvinylshop @crosscarryindustries @sierrakiloyankeeguns @greymantac @rngrrngr @weapontexusa @barracudabatteries @theoutdoorsnewbie @rattler_creations @loxhairwaxco @armupindustries @foehammerarsenal @woodburnedwarriors @bluealphagear
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