Shigim Shahera

And just like that, all is forgotten

Pre-birthday staycation for the girl who needs some storms to go away, even if just for a night. The place where we forget about the world, for awhile ☁️
Why must some people enter our lives just to make us watch them leave,
Happy Mothers Day, Mummy. You’re the funniest middle aged woman who raised us to be somewhat less mediocre than we’d like to believe, more grounded but not too naive. You’ve done a great job, and we love you 💕 Sorry if we get a little crazy at times, we got it from you after all.
My Saturday morning
🌻 what an utter disappointment, it really doesn’t come by easily does it
Don’t start something you can’t finish.
Thank you for never allowing me to make myself feel forgotten
How dare you take her away from us, Farid 🤺
My childhood friend, @azaelea is now booked! Someone got herself a fiancé! All those night talks has led to this, love. Genuinely happy you found “him” ❤️ Sidenote, you win @frdrsli
No one sticks around kid; Don’t let em in again
9am; Because they’ll only be there for the good parts, darling.
Swallow it in order to save your sanity You lost sight in all the negativity & put behind all the happiness that was there before
So what if they’re happy. What matters is that we’re happy & enjoying life. Only you can make yourself happy. - Saghafi, 2018
Keep telling yourself that, Whatever makes you sleep at night.
People today, fail to believe this. - Newness, 2017
Here’s to always reaching a year older first. Here’s to going through adolescence & young adulthood together. Here’s to you & your many life advices. Here’s to us. Happy birthday, Denise @themissinyourmistake stay you, stay true ⭐️ we’ll be happy at the end of this all. Love you, my highschool sweetheart 💕
Loneliness is not caused by being alone, it’s when you don’t have anyone to share your thoughts with at the end of the day
How do you differentiate between what is & what is not anymore
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