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It’s been an epic summer! Only two camps left: 6-9 year olds next week and 3-5 year olds after that. Sign up at or give us a call! Availability is limited.
Final summer camp (3-5 year olds) is on July 30 - Aug 3. Sign up soon! We are filling up fast. #guppycamp #littledudes
72 degrees in the shade. Not bad. 😝🙏🏽
Who needs kettlebells 😝 #mtnfit #daddyfit
Getting excited for Crux Tahoe Camp next week. Let’s go! #climbing #tahoe #adventureawaits
Attention High Schoolers! We have a couple spots available for the Crux Adventures Camp. We will be spending the week camping, climbing, hiking and swimming around Lake Tahoe. Join us for an informational meeting tonight at 7pm at SRC. Dates are July 30 - Aug 3.
Happy Birthday Alex! Recently, someone was talking about how he led a group of guys backpacking in the Trinity Alps. This is what they said, “Alex is such a mountain man. He is confident and knows how to led people in an empowering way, making them feel safe and strong at the same time. He’s also the guy sharing his heart around the camp fire, inspiring other men to be vulnerable and authentic.” The world needs more men like you Alex. You are an incredible husband and father. It’s the way you cultivate friendship and family that is the most impactful. Bless you today! We hope that this year is your best yet!! Much love from your SRC family. @alexjwittmer #happybirthday #mountainman #beardeddragon #beardedgentlemen
Hang on, this week is going to be awesome! #sendit #takehold @soill
Balance in life. Balance in climbing. #summercamp
Nothing like climbing in The Valley. These are the moments that inspire hard work in the gym.
I’ll never forget the day I first saw Emerald and Sapphire Lakes from Sawtooth Ridge... A couple years ago @alexjwittmer , @isaiakawika and I scrambled up Sawtooth Ridge above Big Caribou Lake known as the “Caribou Scramble”. The large drainage to the south of the lake is decorated with beautiful granite blocks, full of boulder problems galore. It’s like Candy Land for explorers who love cross-country travel and route-finding. The grand prize is the summit. Some say it’s the best view in the Trinity Alps. Last week my nephew and I hiked from Big Caribou to Emerald and Sapphire and then back. It was a burly day (especially when you can’t find the trail down the ridge). We improvised and chose to descend along an obvious drainage down the mountain. How hard could it be? Continue reading below in the comments 👇🏽
Hey guys! Over the next couple days, I want to share some stories from the last week of travel and adventures that I had with my nephew. We spent 3 days backpacking in the Trinity Alps followed by 2 days climbing / hiking in Yosemite followed by 3 days in Santa Cruz surfing. It was an experience of a lifetime! I’ve been dreaming of taking my nephew on a California dream trip for a couple years now; post graduating high school was perfect timing. He’s from Virginia which is a stark contrast from the NorCal landscape and culture. Anyway, stay tuned for more story and photos. Cheers - @benjamin_goodpasture
☀️Celebrating our beautiful country. Shasta Rock Club is closed tomorrow from 1-9p. Get outside, adventure, and enjoy the ones you are with. We sure will. 💥🇺🇸
😜Put the electronics down and come join the real world. Cliff Hanger’s (9-13) Summer Camp returns this Monday. #climbon
Some of our best memories as kids come from Summer Camp. Fun, sweat, and challenge. Our energy is spent, yet we feel accomplished. It’s a place to do things for the first time. To face fears and overcome obstacles. Not to mention, have a blast doing it. ☀️ #summercamp #cliffhangers
Caption this 😎 #summercamp
Route Setting Weekend ✌🏽 We are closed on Sunday. See you on Monday! #newroutes
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