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Love the warmth of this one ❤️ what’s your favourite delay pedal?
This one i transcribed last night is packed with gems 💎💎💎 Are you a fan of John Scofield’s playing? _ Song: Watcha See is Watcha Get
Turn on post notifications ☝️☝️☝️ _ Why? _ If you leave a comment within the first minute of my next post, you’ll be in the running to win free access to Fretboard Library 📚 _ I’ll choose a random comment from within the minute and tag the winner in my story _ When is the next post? _ That is the unknown variable, so to be notified when it happens... _ Turn on post notifications ☝️☝️☝️
🎸 Who owns Guitar Pro 7? _ This is a screen recording of my iPad featuring the Guitar Pro app _ All 174 tabs from my new @pickupjazz course are downloadable as Guitar Pro files that look just like this ☝️ _ Essentially, this means you can download Fretboard Library & take it with you wherever you go 🎼📚
Searching for that melody ✨🔥💙 _ Yes, I also do Skype lessons 👍 _ DM me if you’d like to line something up 🎸🎼📚
🤓 I’ve been more disciplined this week in practising with the metronome _ Already feeling the difference and improvement of picking accuracy and the speed increase _ Here, I’m also mixing it up with the rhythm - not always playing straight up and down the arpeggio _ I recommend mixing it up like this when practising arpeggios - keeps it interesting and it’s a bit more musical 😎
favourites 🎛👌
What does this make you think of?
🐛 While transcribing over 150 of my insta vids I realised I had done something incredibly important by accident _ I realised I had created a kind of online scrap book of musical gems _ Had I not documented them in this way I would have totally forgotten almost all of them _ But now they’re all written out, so I can go back and explore & expand upon anything that I find really interesting _ I highly recommend doing the same _ Record & document your ideas, it’s well worth the effort 🦋
Beautiful birthday card art from my number one fan - thanks mum ❤️
So this is how my new @pickupjazz course Fretboard Library works _ This video☝️with tabs (downloadable as PDF & Guitar Pro file) was uploaded to the library about 8hrs ago _ Then I posted it here on insta _ I generally record my vids the day before posting, so you guys with Fretboard Library will get it first _ If you’re not yet signed up to Fretboard Library & you see a post in future you really love and would like to learn, you’ll know where to find tabs for it _ I recommend trying to first learn them by ear - it’s always the best option as your musicianship will improve dramatically as a result _ I play this one a bit slower at the end here, so try giving it a go
Top left is a regular 24 fret neck, below it is a 27 fret baritone neck - both have been shaped to fit my Canton Klein Variation body _ Thank you for your hard work Rick, I’m really looking forward to making music with these _ Luthier: Rick Canton @cantoncustominstruments
We’re giving away my new @pickupjazz masterclass to 5 people! _ Details over at @pickupjazz 👈 _ 10% off link in bio _ Offer ends this week ✌️
Today, I’m excited to share with you my new @pickupjazz course - Fretboard Library 🚀 _ Fretboard Library is a catalogue of over 150 transcriptions from my instagram feed, so if there’s something of mine you’ve been really wanting to learn, there’s a solid chance you’ll find it in the library 📚 _ All tabs are downloadable as PDF & Guitar Pro files, so if you already use Guitar Pro software, you’ll really understand what this means & how awesome it is 🎼🎸 _ All 150+ tabs were transcribed by me, so you know you’re getting the most accurate transcriptions 💯 _ I think the best news is that I will be adding even more to the library as I post here on insta, so that means if I post something you really enjoy & would love to learn, you won’t have to ask, “Got tabs bro?” 😋 _ Yes - all my original stuff (that is transcribable & not just some ambient wash of effects etc.) will be available in the library just prior to posting here on insta, so you get the new stuff fresh from the oven 🍕 _ Ultimately, this means as time goes on, your value for money increases 👌 _ Lastly, I know a lot of you will be happy to hear that I’ve included all of my popular mini compositions from Unlock Your Fretboard in the library as well, including for Lulu, the Puppet, the Shadow, and Forgotten Things 👍 _ 10% off link in bio for this week only 📲☝️
I’m excited to announce that my second and highly anticipated @pickupjazz course ‘Fretboard Library’ will be launching tomorrow! _ To kick it off we are giving it away to 5 people sometime tomorrow 02/15 on @pickupjazz so be sure to tune in for your chance to win 🙏✨❤️
Found these interesting 212121 arpeggio shapes yesterday _ Go say hi to @timmillerguitar 👈 _ He’s the man responsible for getting me onto this cool way of building arpeggios _ Thank you Tim 🙏✨
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