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☉ art ⚚ synth ♡ songwrite ☀︎ calendrics ⚡︎ photo-engraver ♐︎ ☈ ♗ Ⓥ ☼ ☾ W W W . C U L T U R E A L T A R . C O M @culturealtar - sc: seph-ortha

🌊 electric garden wet with rain⚡️
🖼 • “lost in a maximum brilliance • I am ten fold • I have become too destructive • stubborn as gold • released into bones and the limits a frame only knows • now as a tower and god of the hole in our home” • 🖼
💎 we all are part of each other...
🌅 sunset on the river ... ... * saxophone melodies 🎷 🎶
🌙"let the decad bloom us a flower to flow in our name the whole song between the old sun and moon power from under the land we walk on"☀️ 🌻⚡️✨
🎆 another angle of the pink obelisk scene... some neon statue for the fun of colour and weird cyber-future spaces in reverence of it... 🌐 🌷
⚡️received this amazing treasure in the mail and lo am i excited! what we have here is an actual @davidbowie memorial figure, beautifully presented with #modernlove vibes and is a haunting melancholic effigy of a true songwriting legend. 🎙 a labor of love fashioned by @artful_todger amongst the other interesting things he is doing. i really think this is just such a great project. check the site through his account to see if there are any left!! they are all hand made, signed and numbered... such an awesome thing to arrive in the mail... ✨ 🎶
⚡️ I'm very grateful to have this totally awesome futuristic portrait! thank you so much @cybercitypunk ! please contact this rad cyberpunk artist if you're interested in you're own fancy portrait of tomorrow... ✨ I decided to make this the cover art for a completely new song I made over the weekend, pleasing results... you can check that out on my SoundCloud & BandCamp. ⚘
🔴 came across this little melody while playing with the volca keys a few days ago. it has this solemn cheer that i like... ⚘
some cool looking place I ride past sometimes... + mysterious sign & synthwave moon.
a n a l o g
...a pink obelisk.
🎨 ⚡️ lit preview of the retro seat from inside the building...
these shirts sure make the yard look a lot better. ✨
🌻 flower sign...
🎧 toward the middle of last year I sang some lyrics for one of KFDDA's fine musics and it's now up on SoundCloud, check link in bio to hear the new version, thanks to @jonoftheshred for mastering. . 💿 KFDDA - Sweet Appetite Feat. Seph Ortha (2017) 3:16 . . more from KFDDA at: . more from Jon at: .
m a g i c . h i g h w a y
🖼 s a m p l e // REEF MADNESS ➢ Culture Altar's 3D Virtual Gallery ➢ d e t a i l s b e l l o w ⏎ . - this is a sample picture from the collage titled "Reef Madness" featured in a current exhibition of Culture Altar's 3D Virtual Gallery. . ➣ C O P Y & P A S T E . ➢ [ d e s k t o p o n l y ] . 🌐
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