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Having strong female friendships has been KEY to my growth. Women that empower, inspire and encourage you to be the best YOU, is something you should never take for granted. I definitely don't. Leave the pettiness behind. Uplifting each other and leaving jealousy and envy at the door is the new mood for 2018. Also don't be afraid to leave toxic friends behind, you don't need that. ANYWAYZZ Here's to my squad, may we slay every paper, exam and project coming our way. 💃🏽QUE VIVAN LAS MUJERES! 💃🏽 #internationalwomensdayy
For the culture?
If you zoom in you can see my acne scars 🙃 enjoy. And if you know how to get rid of them lemme know 😭
I just wanna thank Disney for giving us Star Wars films every year. It's what's kept me going.
I would say Disneyland > Super Bowl but that's kind of obnoxious isn't it?
1 yr later. The tea is still hot. ☕️
When the sun loves you🌞
Mood for 2018: me vale
Y'all should've seen us in the 90s HELLA KIDS HELLA PRESENTS | not pictured: my shady ass sister who is the literal grinch | Merry Christmas!🎄🎁
Give me a little love this holiday season (but really tho)
Leaving this here for y'all to digest. (@afrolatinas_ )
I got heart eyes for this filter.
Wrapping up the trip doing touristy things like idk getting lost on the subway and randomly ending up here. 🤷🏽‍♀️
And if you're wondering if I took off my jacket and faced the bitter wind JUST for this photo, I sure did.
My feet are frozen. Still love you, NY.
Since it's midnight on the east coast already: happy (22nd) birthday Morg! This is high key my fave picture of us (the Halloween one is a close second) you're the kind of friend every 'woke' brown girl needs. God blessed me w/ a friendship where we can casually go from talking about hair and makeup to systemic racism and white supremacy. How f*cking great is that. Lots of love ❤️
Looking him up and down like
Saved this little 70s diva from disloyal, toxic men. You're welcome Morg. Lol #imcatwoman
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