sebastian stan

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breasts are awesome😉 🎥: @imsebastianstan and @jameswolk in “Political Animals” (2012).
hello i am here, i am drowning in season 2 of the handmaids tale i found this video on laptop and i can’t find the credit can y’all help me:(( 🎥: @imsebastianstan at Wizard World Comic Con (2016).
here you have drunk leo holding a cigarette the wrong way and even trying to light it the wrong way😂 🎥: @imsebastianstan in “The Education of Charlie Banks” (2007).
bitch this hair was the best😭😭 🎥: @imsebastianstan training for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (2014).
thank you all for 26k☺️ 🎥: @imsebastianstan , @themelissarauch and @tombini in “The Bronze” (2015).
i need him on more talk shows😭 🎥: @imsebastianstan on @j_corden while promoting “Captain America: Civil War” (2016).
finally posted a video after 5 times of trying😭 🎥: @imsebastianstan and @margotrobbie in “I, Tonya” (2017).
hes so awkward bless him😂 🎥: @imsebastianstan and @elizabetholsenofficial at the London event for “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018).
if you wanna know who won, it was the witch😉 🎥: @imsebastianstan in “The Covenant” (2006).
his hat says “bae: bucky above everything” 🎥: @imsebastianstan at Wizard World Comic Con via @jjjuuuuunnn (2016).
tj make good choices my son😭 🎥: @imsebastianstan in “Political Animals” (2012).
seb doing a little dancing😜 🎥: @imsebastianstan on @choodius_maximus instagram stories(2017).
got this footage ages ago from the cinematographers website, no idea when the film will come out but i’m praying soon🙏🏼 🎥: @imsebastianstan and @maikamonroe in “I’m Not Here” (Release Date Unknown).
he’s so pretty, cute and hot at the same time 🎥: @imsebastianstan on @donsaladino instagram stories while in Atlanta to film “Logan Lucky” (2016).
“You don’t wanna fuck with me” 🎥: @imsebastianstan and @themelissarauch in “The Bronze” (2015).
he’s so cute😭 🎥: @imsebastianstan via BuzzFeed’s snapchat (2016).
before everything went to shit 🎥: @imsebastianstan and @margotrobbie in “I, Tonya” (2017).
can i join this squad pls 🎥: @imsebastianstan , @letitiawright and @twhiddleston rate stunts via The Lad Bible (2018).
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