♡S e b a s t i a n ♡ S t a n

In a land of myth and a time of magic the destiny of my sanity rests on the shoulders of a giggling Romanian man. His name, Sebastian Stan. Halo | 20

New/old portraits of Sebastian! @anthony.odwyer. I love me a good glass of fine wine 🍷
When I said Seb was smokin' I did not mean like this! I don’t condone smoking, but Seb is attractive while doing it so.
I never freeze❄️
What do you mean this isn’t the original tweet 😳😂(thank you @mandy19875 for the comment :)
Deleted because of copy right so here it is muted. @oneminutemen bloopers part 2 😊 Not gonna lie, low key sad one of the bloopers isn’t the ball hitting him in the face. High key happy he wasn’t hurt
I want sebastian to show up at my local gym and film a video where he throws towels everywhere and face plants into a yoga ball is that too much to ask
hello officer yes this post right here.
They all had a major glow up. I'm jealous
😳😱😱 can you imagine !!!!! Omg hahah. I’m literally shaking seeing this picture just imagining how I’d react if that was actually me
In case you're having a bad day, let me bless your timeline with these two cuties that are Sebastian and Chris. Imagine not loving these two precious men... I can't relate. I miss them.
Sebastian’s superpower: being really cute and really hot at the same time.
well aint this the truth
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