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hey I have wifi 😬 the boat is cool 🌴
fact creds to @sebastianstanindia 💓 I’m lowkey dying
repost of an old fact cos I’m lazy!
I need to start going the gym again wow I can’t wait to get paid
hey I got a clip in hair piece today so my hair is SO long I love it¡! Also I’m listening to metal music for the first time in about a year and I’m loving it wow I miss the old Lauren
I had to start applying for universities today lol I’m gonna die
its stressing me out that IW took a film off of Seb and Mackies contract because ,, don’t attack me ,, they didn’t really play a big role in the movie until they literally just fell onto a crash pad and got turned into CGI dust. like ??? could’ve used that extra film to develop their characters or smth but nope.
I’m gonna ask my friends if they wanna go on a weekend break abroad somewhere wooo
just gonna throw this out there; people who say seb makes them happy but are unhappy at the possibility of him having a girlfriend are very hypocritical. we take a lot from celebrities and just expect them to stay single forever on the off chance that we will meet them and they will fall in love with us; they will not, let them live their lives. Also, all he did was talk to the woman it doesn’t mean they’re dating jfc.
Forever 21 had a 50% off sale so I spent £140 on clothes and I ain’t even mad.
happy birthday to everyone’s favourite bottom
we stan a cutie
Hey I love @buckyreacts and I hope we can have the same level of friendship as these two 💖
doubt anyone’s gonna take part like lol
when will “I’m not here” come out tho 🤔
I started work in the same store as my mum today but she was off, it was nice ¡! - Also does he like to be referred to as Seb or Sebastian?🤔
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