My heart belongs to Iceland, animals, nature, Faroe Islands and NYC🤴🏻 Don't steal it from me.

“Waving goodbye is so hard without hello”.
The more I grow up, the more I feel connected to animals because of their kind, supportive and loyal hearts. There's nothing like them.
So I’m finally back to social networks! I’ve been climbing different obstacles trying to leave them behind and making of them a solid rock to strengthen the base of my purposes for this new year. • Thanks for the loyal followers who are still here waiting for my comeback 🥂
Sometimes a stranger comes along to give you some colors to change those grey days...
“There was a time when I believed That you belonged to me But now I know your heart Is shackled to a memory The more I learn to care for you The more we drift apart Why can't I free your doubtful mind And melt your cold, cold heart” ❄️
The song that changed everything, the one that gave me a whole new meaning of life. • Being in front of you, @sigurros made me feel incredibly full of joy and nostalgia like never before. You’re the lucky ones for having such a beautiful heart and for being able to spread your emotions like no one else would. You even make loneliness a treasure when I immerse myself in your music, and depressing moments are suddenly embraced with Jónsi’s voice to emerge to the surface and see the light once more.
I don’t tend to share private things like this, but I felt like doing it after this indelible moment with my favorite band. Maybe you could be in the same position and this can help you out to change negative thoughts in your life -the way it helped me. • After difficult situations, I wasn’t able to find hope in moving on. I felt like I shouldn’t be here anymore... I used to like @sigurros when I was a kid, but somehow, their music came back to me once more when I was at that point of leaving everything. And I swear, listening to their unique music made me feel that there’s something more beautiful than our eyes are able to see in this -apparently- banal present. The world became so beautiful to my eyes, my heart was able to feel again, and strength took place in my life as never before. I can be moved by several songs and different artists, but there’s absolutely no other band that can make me feel the way they do. I feel a deep connection with their music and have always felt ineffable emotions with any Sigur Rós song. • #TAKK , that’s all I can say to you: Jónsi, Georg, Orri -and of course to Ágúst and Kjartan as well. Thanks to you, my dream came true to see you live one day and you keep giving me hope in this mad world whenever I listen to you. • I absurdly love you, guys! GRACIAS 🖤🇮🇸 -Sebastián B.O.
“I guess things are not how they used to be There's no more normal families Parents act like enemies Making kids feel like it's World War III No one cares, no one's there I guess we're all just too damn busy And money's our first priority It doesn't make sense to me.”
“Reading a novel was like returning to a once-beloved holiday destination”. 🌇
“Lose control when I take the world I dropped the bomb Did I take your bop Just shock and awe Better brace yourself” 💣
Disguise your real feelings just like the rain hides inside the white clouds.
Trying to drown all the weight of my back.
Can you still hear me when I’m quiet?
My greatest role models? Dogs🖤 Forever valuing their hearts and kindness to the fullest.
I love the way the sun looks like in pictures. I hate the way it feels when it penetrates my skin.
“There was a house halfway round the world And I was invited in for a small taste of gin There was a hallway a thousand birds long But the biggest one of all was in a cage too small”.
Too much coffee can make you feel like you’re a Disney prince and that you can talk to animals just like that.
Just let this moment be what it is. Don’t try to change everything in your life.
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