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I’m currently on a layover in Iceland as I head back home to the desert. I’ve spent the last 20 days in the Arctic and had a complete blast. I spent 10 of those days alone exploring Lofoten and was completely blown away by it’s beauty. Even though I didn’t have the best weather, I still saw some of Lofoten’s best places in good light. I plan on returning next year and excited to announce that I’ll be providing workshops there starting late next year! Stay tuned for more info on that. Anyways, I wanted to share this video from our #thorseanworkshop group in Iceland a couple weeks ago. Thor and I are so fortunate to have fun and talented clients. Thank you all who came! Can’t wait to share some of my photos and theirs on my FB page when I get home. Be sure to check out our party bus video on my @seanparkeradventures account. 🎶:@odesza
My last sunrise in Norway sure was a good one! This was taken near my rorbu at @hattvikalodge. It saddens me I’m leaving this beautiful place in less than 6 hours :(
I’ve been spending the last few days exploring fjords and lakes around Svolvær. This area has some magnificent views especially when the light is right. I was fortunate enough to even see the northern lights right outside my fisherman cabin at @svinoyarorbuer yesterday! Pretty incredible. Tomorrow I pack up and head back down to Leknes where I’ll spend my last 2 days around more fjords and sandy beaches. It saddens me my trip is almost over! Anyways, I hope everyone had a great weekend! . PS - has anyone noticed the human element theme I’ve been doing on IG? Every 3rd Photo has a human element in the photo to show experiences / scale. Check out my gallery if you haven’t! I’d appreciate your feedback 👍🏼
Found me some nice waterfalls in Lofoten today! I waited out in the snow for a good hour crossing my fingers the clouds would clear since the weather kept coming in waves. I was getting cold and frustrated. I was very close to packing up, heading back down to the car, and driving back to my warm cabin at @EliassenRorbuer. Then all of a sudden the sun popped its little head out shined some light down for me. I only had about 2 minutes of light but luckily that’s all I needed because I was already at my spot. Weather hasn’t been exactly on my side this trip so these high wind speeds and nonstop rain / snow showers have been very frustrating. This country is gorgeous and there are places to photograph around every corner. Just being patient and warm in this weather is the biggest struggle thus far.
I’m extremely excited to be exploring around Lofoten for the next week! I started my journey by flying into Leknes from Reykjavík, rented a car, and headed down to Hamnøy / Reine region where I’ve been exploring the entire southern coast. For the last few days, I’ve been accommodated in a classic fisherman Rorbuer at @eliassenrorbuer. These are the cabins that you’ve probably seen in National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and Google search results when looking up Lofoten. They are pretty cozy, have great views, and come fully loaded with a kitchen and living space. Follow along via Instagram stories to see where I go to next!
Chaos and Kindness. . I’ve been doing some reflecting on things lately (pun intended.) My life. My travels. The people I’ve met. And the people I’ve lost. Life is simply just crazy. . I recently watched Patton Oswalt’s “Annihilation” special on Netflix and I really connected with it. Especially on how he was able to shine light and tears onto something so tragic that happened in his life about a year ago. It was a great message of aspiration and perseverance over adversity. A message similar to what has been helping me lately on my outlook in life after losing a couple close people this past year. “It’s chaos. Be kind.” ❤️
Last night! #thorseanworkshop
I had an incredible Saturday night with some of my local friends here in Iceland. We had this place all to ourselves somehow and were jumping around with joy. Fun little fact for you, this is where Brienne and the Hound engaged in a bloody battle in Game of Thrones season 4.
Last night was one for the books! It feels so so good to be back in Iceland and under the lights.
Aurora dancing over Kirkjufellfoss.
Heading back to the arctic tomorrow! I’m excited to show my workshop clients why I keep coming back to this magical place. Then after Iceland, I head to Lofoten, Norway to do some lonesome exploring 🤗 🎶: Jónsi
“I've been through the desert and I've been across the sea. I've been walking through the mountains and wandered through the trees for her. I have been trying to find her want to give what I got She lit a fire, but now she's in my every thought” -LH
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