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Adventure account of @seanparkerphotography. Photos & videos of what goes on during the shoot, camera gear, and plain ole' fun.

Eating a brekky sandwich and taking in the view. #norway
All this rain and snow in Lofoten has me kind of excited to return to the desert in a couple of days. Nothing beats the warmth of the sun touching down on your face during golden hour in the old pueblo. 😎🌅🌵
I’m so lucky to have the best clients in the world! Here is what goes on during our #thorseanworkshop when we’re exploring Iceland together. I really wish my phone didn’t die during Audrey’s rap because it was pretty great 😂😂😂
Caught the aurora dancing over Henningsvær tonight! With all the crap weather I’ve had this trip, I was super excited to see the aurora come out and play. Patience really has been paying off this trip. Just wish I could be this patient with other things.
Moody Lofoten.
Definitely in the top 5 best sunrises I’ve seen but then again I’ve probably only seen 5 sunrises 🤔
See you next year, Iceland! Off to Norway now 🇳🇴
Craving some ceviche right now.
Mother Nature’s best show!
I don’t think Reykjavík has ever seen a giraffe until last night because it was a big hit 😂
Diving into the deep abyss (0c glacier water) 🤙🏼
Gettin’ ready! I’ve been blessed enough to see northern lights on my every winter flight to Iceland so I’m crossing my fingers I see them October 19th, too 🤘🏼@icelandair
Heading off on another arctic adventure soon :)
Shooting in Australia! 📷:@matjoez
#tbt to one of the greatest road trips of all time with my dude @joelschat ! We did the whole Route 66 trip in about 12 days in an old 77 Vanagon. Visit (link in bio) to see our videos!
@coreyclarkephoto and I took my workshop clients to some pretty epic locations during our Mt Rainier Milkyway photography workshop this weekend!
A BTS timelapse clip @chryseplanitia set up of us filming the solar eclipse last week.#einsteinsincredibleuniverse #einsteinimax #totaleclipse
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