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“ Embrace the qualities about you that you think are weird. Eventually, they are going to be the only things separating you from everyone else “ - SS

Me and @satxnic.stan made a collab to do these two “ fanart cover “ for The Winter Soldier Movie. Please we need this,make it happen. @imsebastianstan @marvel @marvelstudios
Mood of the Standom @imsebastianstan @oneminutemen
[SOUND ON] I don’t really like these, but here you have 😶💜
Vibranium? I only know Gold 😏💫 @satxnic.stan cr : @sebstanoholic
[THANK YOU FOR 5K ] I wanted to thank everyone for following me and supporting me. I can’t believe that we are already 5K, it is a very large number of followers and I hope we will continue to grow together. I want to tell you that I am here to help and support you, no matter how long you follow me or how many followers you have, if you need help or talk about anything, don’t doubt in sending me a message. I am very happy in this account, I have met many wonderful people and every day I meet more, it's amazing what Sebastian can do. Most of his fans are the best people I know, and I think that's because we have a good mentor, because I don’t think there's a better person to follow than him. He has taught me many things like that you have to be nice to everyone because you want them to treat you well or you have to work hard without surrendering to achieve your goals. In conclusion, I wanted to thank him, because he was my motivation to create this account that gives me so much happiness, and to every person that follows me, because without you this wouldn’t be possible. I love you - Ainhoa @imsebastianstan
[SOUND ON] Dr. Chris Beck 💫 . Thanks to @satxnic.stan for helping me with the music dt : @spidey_barnes107 @sebstanoholic
This is only a joke hahaha @imsebastianstan @sassy.bucky
Seems like the ball arrived to the stratosphere 😂. Kill me for this please @oneminutemen @willmalnati @imsebastianstan @oneminutemenmemes
[SOUND ON] He’s always gold 🥇
Someone requested this a long time ago 😶 #imagine
Sorry Jeff, I only stan (1) asshole cr : @shhurii
[SOUND ON] I’m trying this new type of aesthetics. Let me know if you liked it 💞
White Wolf 💞 cr : @zis_cin3ma dt : @satxnic.stan
I couldn’t resist to do it @oneminutemen @imsebastianstan @willmalnati
Good morning sweethearts 💞 cr : @lzkis
I love this 😂😂 Credit : @cvmberstan
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