Kelly Sargent

Kudos to the one flower in the rose garden that refuses to accept it's winter #bedifferent #aha #flowers
I love this- hey fellow stardust, dance with me xx #deepakchopra #deepak #quotelife
Today I'm reminded that in life, pain is guaranteed but suffering is a choice - love you Mum - and love to all the Mums oxoxo Pics from Helen's garden in Elsternwick
"Myth becomes myth not in the living but in the retelling." — DAVID MARANISS Image from Helen's (76 yrs!) Community garden
"The heaviest wave in this vale of deep is to approach old age without lack of work" - Helen, 76 from Elsternwick- this is part of her amazing garden. Gees we meet amazing people somehow, found by Kristin Skye Sargent
Pretending to be trendy on a Tuesday morning catch up with @duckjoey - need to post insta photo to record my trendiness ;) - this happy plant is fabulous
I'm planted
Some food for thought #carljung #daily #dailyquotes
Happy new year! Another year gone, another loss, another challenge, another joy - supported by all my friends and family and endless support from my soul sister, such love - love to all - looking forward to the year ahead oxox
HELLO Meredith!! @jacintacarty oxox
I'm officially one spoilt belated birthday girl with dinner @vuedemonde with my sisters from another Missus! Thank you McCombs xx
This building voted YES #voteyes #rainbowdays #rainbow
Shining bright in spite of the stormy sky #sunreflections #melbourne #unpredictable #weather
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