Kumar Sangakkara Personal Page

Great day out supporting @hellibees at The Katukurunda Motor races. Well done to everyone especially Hansika our 14 year old genius.She is Making waves by once again winning the 150cc motor bike open event.
I'm so glad to be a part of the growth of the Ceylon Coconut Company. Sample us at the @goodmarketlk on Saturday the 14th of October. Healthy, organic products of the highest quality. #allthingscoconut
A throwback to a wonderful meal at one our favorite restaurants in london. Well done to Karan and Sunaina who have created something special. #hopperslondon #soho &st.christopher'splace
Knights of illusions in aid of Ayati
Great to meet the one and only @thepiersmorgan in St kitts. Loved the dance off with @chrisgayle333
So exciting to know we can experience such convenience to Melbourne with @flysrilankan.
First time gondola ride for swyree and kavith. #venetiancharm #familymemories
Weekend in Paris. #funtimes
Not for the faint hearted. My split webbing between the middle and ring fingers of my right hand. Happened during the lords final. Maybe I should have just stuck to wicket keeping #ouch #minorfleshwound
Out and about in London. The old and the young. #familyfun
Great lunch and Q&A @london_sporting_club. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.
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