#HALFBREED . Life’s a bitch and her stripper names karma #DONTFEARTHERISK Snapchat: Smc_sam

I’m stubborn wasn’t leaving till I got this shit or it killed me 🤷🏾‍♂️ #sickgainz
Woke up at the butt crack of dawn this Memorial Day to do the Murph Challenge! This time last year I tried to do it without weight in just shorts a tank and running shoes and couldn’t do it... WHAT A WEAK PUSSY! Managed to knock this years out with boots, utes, and plate Carrier 🤷🏾‍♂️ oh and @alexv71 was there too I guess
💀 CHALLENGE! 100 dead’s for time and at the top of the minute every minute 5 burpees! Started the day with snatches working on form and got roped into this So I started off strong with 30 in the first minute and just died inside after that 💀 I mean just watch the video you’ll see how I felt but I got 6:34 for my time not the best but not the worst! TRY IT tell me your time it’s DEFINITELY worth the work out! @alexv71 got 5:50 but no one cares 🤷🏾‍♂️
#wcw goes out to the real one, I appreciate you keeping me sane out here! 🤷🏾‍♂️
Dead 💀
Psh who needs to be big 🤷🏾‍♂️just get shredded find some decent lighting and hit them angles 📸 #getshreddedordiebulking #iseeyoumirin #getcutgetbutt #choochoomotherfucker
Till next time brothers 🤙🏾
So with both my father and brother being successful actors and entertainers I don’t always get to see them so here’s a quick family photo I put together #sorrymom #baldlife
Crazy the road my life’s gone down been blessed to spend the day with Drake #godsplan
😂 I’m dead.... thanks @jorrrdiiin for making my drunk face a meme 🙃🙂
Trying to get a good pic is hard but a good time 😂
Brothers (lovers) for life sorry Syd #bromance #bromancegoals
Hey. My names Sam and I take selfies from this angle to make fun of my brother 😉 also I wake up around 5 on a regular basis. Gym is life fasting is easy! #everydaysarmday #getcutgetbutt #pullsumoeatbutt #getbuckedwiththeboys 😘 if no one gets the reference go look at @moorezachary latest post
OOOOOOOOOH SHIT! happy 4/20 Fuck face you’re doing big things still jealous you get to do a real pump just don’t get shot! Sorry I can’t be out there to get you fucked for your 21st and then revive you like Corps school! But have a lit day brother I miss you and as always HOOYA BEACH BODY!
Summer is cummin fast AF so only right to get bucked as fuck and hit a good drop set of curls for the gurls with the boys!
* Insert caption here*
Tempest is always a good time
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