#HALFBREED . Life’s a bitch and her stripper names karma #DONTFEARTHERISK Snapchat: Smc_sam

Tempest is always a good time
Little random fun from the night sesh! #saturdaysarefortheboys #nightsession #snowboard #fails @codybonesjones & @ parkypants
#tbt in honor of leaving the snowy ass cold mountain of Bridgeport and being able to come home and go to a better more fun mountain this weekend! 15/10 wouldn’t recommend Bridgeport #snowboarding #thatscenery
Bridgeport 10/10 would not recommend
Just a little PR with my chicken legs! Finally getting passed my plateau! Also @zooculture is one of the dopest gyms I’ve been to if you’re ever in the area go! Or be like me and drive 2 hours just to go anyways! Cause fuck it! #Deadlift #chickenleglegend #teamnocalves
SICK #throwbackthursday I miss the caterpillar shit stache and doing fun shit with the boys #FTB
Dear Jesus! #WCW or nah? #liftingbabe
2017 was cool and all but 2018 has been 🔥 got to see my twin and we even found our long lost mother precious and got a once in a lifetime family photo! #familygoals #cheersfuckers #2017bestnine #2018 #fuckyou
What’s better than ending a great year than doing it the same way I did last year! Zacs ugly still, I mean look at that hair #newyearsamedickhead
🎄 Tis the season to be for the boys 🎄
Fuck excuses, Don’t Be A fucking Pussy, get your ass in the gym get angry and do what needs to be done! New rep PR 405x3 #DBAP #liftheavy #deadlift
#tbt to the fun days, I miss flipping around! #justsendit
It’s the season
Night watch
Aaaaaaand it’s gone! Bye bye training stache see you next time when you become deployment stache #itllgrowback #momustachemoproblems #babyfave
Shout out to this sexy bitch. happy belated birthday to one of the realest our here, if it wasn’t for him and a few others I probably would have killed someone
Young Dumb & Broke
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