✨ S A M A N T H A ✨

•I probably like your dog more than I like you•

Such a pretty day for a little bike ride around the neighborhood🚲🐶☀️
So many congrats to you, Hads! You did it! I am so inspired by you & cannot wait to see where this degree takes you in life. Love you 😘🎓💐
This little weirdo prefers to stand right in between my legs🙃
Craving summer days and more festivals with this guy😍
Mama, you’re my best friend. Happy Mother’s Day🌸🌼🌺
The end of the semester cannot come soon enough☀️at least it’s sunny outside #nomanation
Happy Birthday, Love. No body else I would rather wander a mountain in the rain with🌲🌦😘
This will forever be one of my favorite pictures of us. My awesome mama supporting & encouraging me to do things, no matter how scary they might seem to me. Happy Birthday, Mama! You continue to be my biggest supporter every day. Can’t wait for a million more adventures with you. Love you 😘💕
This little girl joined our family 2 years ago && I couldn’t imagine life without her 🐶💕 #gotchaday
This weather is making me want to ditch all responsibility and go kayaking ☀️🌊
It’s been two years since AugDog joined the family. Couldn’t imagine life without this awesome little man who is now a 71lb goof 🐾💚
Happy National Puppy Day to my favorite little wolf pack 🐶🐾💕
The rain stopped just in time for us to hit up the dog park and see this awesome rainbow 🌤🌈
When you have the coolest mom ever, it’s like you were born with a built-in best friend! 💕
Saw my favorite boys this weekend with my favorite boy @j4k3furia ⚡️third time and they only get better! 🖤🤘🏻 @adtr #adaytoremember #fifteenyearsinthemaking #2ndsucks
Not totally sure about this new thing yet....
Let’s just skip Monday and go to the beach instead 🖤
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