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☕️🧠📷 Coffee. Creativity. Cameras. In that order. Based in LA

I got to work with an awesome group of teen filmmakers over the course of a week, they went from conceptualizing a 3 minute film to premiering it. I’ve been doing these workshops with Studio School and USPA for four years now and each time it’s just as rewarding.
Just two cowboys without their cowboy hats.
Ok so here’s the deal: The person hugging me in this picture @mc.jane is moving down to LA (specifically my house) in September and I couldn’t be more excited. We just spent a week in LA doing fun things. Ie; scootering, riding trains, making dinner, watching movies, seeing live music, seeing a comedy show and pretty much being a comedy show at all times. My brain is like this: 🤩🎉🎇 at the thought of doing those things all the time. I guess high school dreams do come true.
Here’s a fun new challenge: If you are cooking veggies in your highland park apartment and someone yells “lacroix boy” you have to chug a whole lacroix.
From when I was cat sized to man sized, this guy has been a great dad since I was born! No complaints, 10/10 would recommend.
Little throwback to the summer between middle school and high school when I made a zombie movie and listened to cool music.
Every time I come to the desert I make a new friend, find a new spot and get a little happier. I spent the weekend at a super cool festival called Desert and Denim. So many hats and motorcycles. Thanks Jimmy @circleandx for letting us check out your desert hideout.
Funniest thing, i kept getting whiffs of collusion in that tunnel.
Ok so I’ve been posting it all over my story, but here’s the finished camp site! We’re calling it Creosote Camp, after the creosote bushes that grow on the property. Link in bio to the hip camp listing.
The desert deck building crew 🛠
TFW you realize a skull pinky ring would complete your look.
Happy Mother’s Day to @frickegostnell (and happy birthday eve) I wrote you a Mother’s Day song.
Pier blocks cost $8.50, but it only costs about $3 to do it yourself. As I always say, make your own damn pier blocks. (I ALWAYS say that)
I spent the last week in Ohio conceptualizing and shooting promotional material for Ken Harbaugh; former navy pilot and democratic congressional candidate in Ohio’s 7th district. I’m super stoked about how this one turned out. Thanks to @jzakirawise for getting me out here! Also, huge shout out to @gmdmusicstudio for creating the score to this at super short notice.
I’m not trying to brag, but I now know where all the best abandoned desert boats are. And so does @dakotakappen
@dakotakappen and I bought some desert! Songs by @elovaymusic & @santigold
The water is so clear it looks like the boat is floating!
I’m stoked on how these turned out. @dakotakappen and I shot some stills to look like screenshots from a movie. Now it’s time to actually make the movie? Model: @desankaj Styled by: @rivboat & @needmoremandy Moral support: @pinderdavid
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