Samuel Gostnell

☕️🧠📷 Coffee. Creativity. Cameras. In that order. Based in LA

I’m not trying to brag, but I now know where all the best abandoned desert boats are. And so does @dakotakappen
@dakotakappen and I bought some desert! Songs by @elovaymusic & @santigold
The water is so clear it looks like the boat is floating!
I’m stoked on how these turned out. @dakotakappen and I shot some stills to look like screenshots from a movie. Now it’s time to actually make the movie? Model: @desankaj Styled by: @rivboat & @needmoremandy Moral support: @pinderdavid
Cathedral or bridge?
So I started doing Jiu Jitsu a few months back and I decided to make a little video of my gym. 🎥+🥋=⚡️ Check out @eaglerockbjj #bjj #jiujitsu #jits #jitslife #bjjmemes
Cowboys in crewnecks.
Two good overcast days in the desert.
It was a damn good morning. Shout out to @zabarsisny for making the best coffee mugs in the world. Also I’m not sponsored by them or anything I just really like this mug. But I mean, if the good people at Zabars need a new mug ambassador I’m happy to fill the position.
Explored a really cool place that’s really close to me. LA is weirdly full of nature. Scroll to the last pic to see a post apocalyptic cathedral overpass.
Just a bunch of Oregon kids showing off our Oregon tattoos. Dakota:🌿 Rachel:⛰ Tejas:🌲 Sam: 🐍
I’m covering my head from the rain in LA 📸 @dollyave
If you know me, you probably know this is the excitement level that I operate at the whole dang day. Thanks for catching it on camera @dakotakappen
In exchange for a picture of my goofy pizza eating face, check out the password is canvas. We spent a bunch of time making some sweet shoes. Also, thanks @dollyave for the pic
The picture I was taking wasn’t very cool so here’s a picture of me taking it instead.
I had such a fun time shooting with three very talented women (one of whom took this picture). ALSO, I’m stoked to be working on a project with @sonoratmw that we will be launching very soon 🤙🏻
Me thinking about how much flannel I wore in middle school.
This was actually a tad sketchy.
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