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Studying in the garden makes me feel so much calmer, like the next half an hour is an eternity and I have more than enough time to catch up on all the areas in which my knowledge is beyond lacking! I'm so glad I'm able to be out here and hope that wherever you are (literally and health-wise) you are able to find some calm somehow. That doesn't mean the feeling lasts, trust me I'm FREKING OUT where have the weeks gone??? More time please! Make A levels a 3 year course! ~ Photo description: language society and power book resting on some sunny grass with a daisy (pretty flowers beat manicured lawn any day he he he) ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #alevels #studying #stuffthathelps #ChronicLoveClub
Bring me sunshine πŸŒžβ™‘ I love this parasol although it doesn't give a very large area of shade, it's such a pretty frame to see the world through when I am holding it! Today's prompt in #TheVintageFashionChallenge is "necessities" and umbrellas are well in that category for me! I generally forget to use them or find carting them around folded up too much hassle for the few minutes of actually using them but this year they've come in handy for wheelchair-walks with my mum on sunny days. Often putting a jacket or cardigan over a nice dress feels like spoiling it for me but an umbrella or parasol just adds to the outfit while protecting my (pale and freckly...) skin from the sun! Scarves used as lightweight shawls also help for covering my arms. 🌞🌻 Hoping to write a blog post to accompany the set of photos this is from... Aim of my outfit: Feel Like A Fairy βœ…πŸ‘Έ ~ Photo description: Sakara in front of a field of yellow flowering rapeseed with partly blue but cloudy sky in the background wearing a pink puffy dress with lacey overlay and holding a pretty parasol. (Basically just imagine a fairy with a fairy umbrella wearing a nice fairy dress and standing in a fairy field and you'll know what I'm getting at) ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #faries #faryfashion #whynot #ChronicLoveClub #spring #rapeseed #truevintage #parasol #chichilondon #butyoudontlooksick
My name is Sakara. I am 17 years old, living with M.E. since I was 5. I have been missing from growing up as a healthy child for 12 years. πŸŒΈπŸ’™ I am one of the #MILLIONSMISSING due to M.E. #GoBlueForME #CanYouSeeMEnow ~ Photo description: Soft pink children's shoes printed with hearts and teddies shown on a bed alongside white adult Converse lace ups. ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #MEawarenessweek #meawarenessday
What would I like to see for myself & fellow M.E. sufferers? 🌸 More than windows from the inside, that is of course what I'd like for everyone. For us all to understand our bodies for free on the National Health Service, for us all to be given treatment and recover. πŸ’™ Realistically though? From professionals (doctors, politicians, teachers, social workers) I want to see our realities reflected in their text books and legislations. I don't want anyone else's primary school to be making notes on "problems with the home life" and "overprotective parents" when the notes they should be making are accurate ones on the severity of a genuine, debilitating illness. 🌸 From everyone else? From everyone who thinks there's "nothing I can do," we need a change in attitude. We need belief, we need RESPECT and we need support. Anything from reading accurate blog posts on life with a chronic illness to taking the time to arrange a truly accessible meet up for a friend who is sick. My illness being invisible isn't an excuse. You can't always see it but that doesn't mean you can't hear what we're all saying. Choose to hear & Choose to believe us. ~ Photo description: Last day of the #sskPhotoChallenge for ME awareness week, photo showing my windowsill & view of sky and trees outside. (My windowsill is pink and the sky is blue with some white fluffy clouds) ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #millionsmissing #canyouseeMEnow #MEawarenessweek #Chronicloveclub #GoBlueForME
I love to express myself through what I wear. I picked up this pale blue floral dress at @worththeweightvintage , the parasol on a market in Devon just over a year ago and the glasses from @donnaflowervintage πŸ’™ #thevintagefashionchallenge 's daily prompt for today is Blue and #sskphotochallenge asks you to talk about something positive that has come from your experiences. The need to express myself differently from others, to make myself feel comfortable using mobility aids, to give myself more general comfort in who I am as a person dealing with being chronically ill has opened up a world of alternative fashion to skinny jeans and a hoodie, a world of wearing a 1950s style dress to rest in my room, a world of writing songs that make me feel as though somebody else understands even though they are only my own thoughts. #GoBlueForME πŸ’™ Never imagined I'd be able to combine the two photo challenges into one post! ~ Photo description: I'm sitting in my wheelchair on a narrow road surrounded by trees, blossom & blue sky, holding a lacey parasol and wearing sunglasses! ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #truevintageootd #meawarenessweek #blossom #springtime #wheelchairfashion
What brings me comfort? πŸ°πŸ’š Meet Queen Hunny and Prince Arthur (to give them the titles they are ceritan they deserve!) this isn't the best photo as Hunny -who is white and fluffy-'s nose is obscured by a metal bar for one thing! But I've chosen it because Arthur (brown and velvety) is licking her ear & forhead. As much as these two comfort eachother they also bring a world of calm to me β™‘ We've had Hunny for quite a time now but she has only been bonded with Arthur over the past few months and watching them grow closer as well as helping Arthur get used to more human interaction has been invaluable to me recently πŸ’š They also encourage me to get out into the fresh air even if I'm not well enough to leave the garden! πŸ’™ #SSKPhotoChallenge day two πŸ’™ ~ Photo description: Picture of two bunnies sitting together, partially obscured by leaves and their cage :) ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #bunniesofinstagram #bunnies #rabbits #ChronicLoveClub #StuffThatHelps
πŸ’™ The 1st day of #SSKPhotoChallenge is for introducing yourself so hello! ☺I'm Sakara, I'm 17 and have had M.E. since I was 5. I love being outdoors, wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in (especially if they're quirky, fun or vintage!) and if I'm out of the house you'll find me in a wheelchair that -although not particularly comfortable at times- enables me to get far more out of life than I otherwise could and looks pretty fun with the smiley face wheel covers I've had since I was about 7! β™Ώ If I'm at home I should be studying (which I do online) but will probably be curled up in my squishy chair attempting to rest (still find that hard) or being moulted on by a couple of adorable bunnies! ~ Photo description: I'm sitting in my wheelchair looking out over a field :) ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #meawarenessweek #blue #hairbow #wheelchairfashion
Hello and welcome to M.E. awareness week πŸ’™ This week I'm going to be showing you "A Week With ME" in my stories, hopefully uploading short video snippets to tell you things about day to day life with a chronic illness. Swipe across and you'll see the short story template/questionnaire I'm going to be uploading every day. If anyone wants to screenshot a blank copy from my story and join in you're more than welcome! πŸ’š I know it's also time for EDS and Fibromyalgia awareness so DM me if you'd like a template without the words "a week with ME" at the top! ~ Photo description: The 1st shows a tree with green leaves against a blue sky with a street in the background, the second image says "Today I'm feeling" and "Main symptoms:" with blank boxes for answers, the third image says "What makes things worse?" And "Stuff that helps:" (also with blank boxes for answers!) ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #bluesky #GoBlueForME #meawarenessweek
I recently found #thevintagefashionchallenge and thought it looked fun! Week one's theme is introductions so hello, my name is Sakara and I've always liked "old things" but have only recently found vintage (or mostly vintage style) things I enjoy wearing! I appreciate most eras but particularly love a 1950's silhouette, a good '70's flare (although nothing extreme!!) And not-so-vintage '80s-'90s jumpers! 🌻 There are also daily prompts but as my account isn't all fashion -let alone vintage fashion!- and I also want to post for ME awareness, I have decided to go for a weekly approach ☺ ~ Description: In the photo you can just see my true vintage 1950s dress which it's safe to say I completely love! πŸ‘ΈπŸ’› (pale yellow floral pattern) ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #ChronicLoveClub #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #vintagefashion #truevintage #truevintageootd #1950sstyle
When the light is fading and your torch ain't working, bundle up the fairy lights and make a go of it! 🌻 My Instagram is pretty pretty and my blog is pretty organised and even this photo looks like a 'pretty' (πŸ˜‰) relaxed way of studying but honestly? None of these pictures give you the whole picture! I've struggled so much over the past 2 years doing my A levels from home. I'm extrememly behind on Psychology for various reasons (although have recently gained a lot of hope with English! Yay!) I love learning, honestly, so it's been stressful to see my health getting between me and progress in a way that makes it feel like a real chore. Please be aware that even if you feel like you're the only one struggling, like you're a faliure and everyone else is living a pretty "insta-worthy" (urgh) life, you're not alone. A pretty picture takes a minute out of 24 hours. That's all. ~ Photo description: Heart shaped fairy lights laying over my psychology text book :) You can just see an English textbook in the background!!! ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #ChronicLoveClub #StuffThatHelps #studying #fairylights #alevels #nisai
#GoBlueForME β™ΏπŸ‘—πŸ’™ Can't believe it's May again! I'm hoping to be up to finishing some posts for ME awareness month/week/day, if you're wondering what little things you can do to get involved @lifeofpippa has put together a lovely post on her blog which doesn't take too much reading! x ~ Photo description: Deep blue sky, clouds and a blossom tree :) ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #chronicloveclub #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #MEawarenessmonth #spring #Blossom #clouds
Take a seat! β™‘ Resting is so important, as is completing A level mock exams... I used to believe the two were strictly opposed to one another but I'm (gradually...) teaching myself to see how intertwined they are. I thought my blog would be abandoned in the run up to exams but thankfully I've kept it going and find writing so rewarding, like socialising! 🌸 ~ Photo description: A garden bench with some squishy cushions on, I saw it in a garden center and am rather fond of it! (2 of the cushions have flamingos on) ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #flamingos #chronicloveclub #stuffthathelps #alevels #studying
🎢 You take me to the most beautiful places 🎢 My parents are always making every possible effort to get me out & experiencing anything I am up to accessing and I could never thank them enough for that πŸ‘—πŸ’œ It can be so hard to believe the injustices parents of children (& in turn the children themselves) suffering with M.E. -/CFS- have to face at times. Children have been taken away from loving families who have done nothing wrong as the illness is blamed on the home life. Only when we paid for my medical and school records did we realise how close we came to having this happen to us. β™Ώ I completely understand the need to be overly cautious at times when dealing with children's safety but when this 'caution' comes from a place of misinformation and prejudice it is unacceptable and undeniably harmful. πŸ‘— Sending my absolute best wishes and empathy to anyone suffering or caring for someone in this situation. ~ Photo description: I'm sitting on an old fallen tree in a wood, surrounded by trees, greenery and Blue-bell flowers πŸ’œ ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #disabledandcute #babewithamobilityaid #hypermobility #chronicpain #vintagestyle #nature #bluebells #ChronicLoveClub #millionsmissing
Little details from my "walk" on Saturday β™Ώ Have you seen my chat with @pumpkinsandplanners_imali about her role as a disability voice in her college's student council? I've written a post on my blog which is in my profile as usual ☺🌼 It was a long time in the making but I definitely enjoyed writing something different and involving a friend β™‘ ~ Photo description: Close up of a branch with mostly out of focus blossoming flowers! 🌼 ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #blossom #details #nature #friendship #bokeh #bokeh_addicts #bokeh_bliss #chronicloveclub β™‘
Absolutely no edits needed β™‘ Photograph from a trip out with my new dress today (my mum came along too ;) I've been watching a few too many of @jessicaoutofthecloset 's videos recently and her review of @collectifclothing sounded like a dream come true so I scoured eBay for something that would fit and found this β™‘ Feared it might be costume-y but it's really not! Surprisingly (dare I say it) subtle, compared to what I was expecting ❀ Can't believe it arrived today in time for the sunshine! πŸ’›x ~ Photo description: I'm standing by a field in a navy 1950s style dress with my back to the camera holding a red umbrella which was shielding me from the sun but had to protect me from rain too before we got home!! ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #collectifclothing #1950s #pinup #countryside #sunshine #modelling #ootd #retro
Things that make me smile: β™‘ The raisin heart in my toast, β—‹ My friend who smiles the most, β™‘ The favourite place in my heart (where all new dreams start!), β—‹ The joy of learning a new song, β™‘ The thrill of not going along with what people suggest I "should" do... β–‘ Often my songs help me to work through different aspects of living with chronic illness (like isolation or mood swings) but this leaves all the lovely moments with little or no representation in my songs and often in my mind as a whole. I love my heart-breaking tunes (they're comforting believe it or not) but happy me deserves a say too. ~ Video description: Me in front of a plain white background (back of my curtains shss) singing part of a song I started today. I had to cut the beginning off because of Instagram's time limit so have posted that in my stories & am saving to my highlight which is called "creative" ☺❀ ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #singing #songwriting #stuffthathelps #chronicloveclub #toast #β™‘ (I'd save some toast for you but I don't think it'd keep 8 weeks @cwuigl , maybe I should freeze a loaf ;) πŸ‡πŸŽ‰
The joys of dressing to match my pizza with the wonderful @cwuigl ☺❀ So glad the sun came out for us πŸŽ‰ ~ Photo description: Biiiig pizza with similar colours (green of spinach, orange/red of peppers) to my top (green leaves and orange segments in the pattern!) ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #hypermobility #chronicpain #sunshine #happyday #stuffthathelps #friend ❀
One of my favourites from my new blog post which is ~of course~ linked in my profile β™‘ Talking about my love of vintage in general and my dream dress in particular, accompanied by a whole set of photos taken in a hotel with some rather fancy decor (let me know if you spot the bunnies!) This one has been a while in the making but that makes publishing it all the more satisfying! ~ Photo description: Sakara (/me!) close up, very happy looking with snazzy sunglasses on my head and part of my floral 1950s dress just visible under my hair (I've had it cut recently, honest!) Oh and I'm also wearing makeup (green eyeshadow) which makes this a very rare photo! πŸ’šπŸŒΌ ~ ~ ~ #spoonie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #sickchick #mecfs #meawareness #spoonieblog #photoshoot #modelling #northdevon #hypermobility #chronicpain #lushcosmetics #greeneyeshadow #vintage #vintagefashion #1950s
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