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plz validate this post on my personal @payton.etc i posted it at a weird time and it’s flopping oops
hi i’m payton and i have a horrific relationship with food:) look @ this stale graham cracker:) u bet ur ass i’m gonna eat 17 and CRY about it
mysterious leg bruise gang wya
wuuts up,, hey hey wanna but an omelette for 5 dollars
moodz 4 today
empty wine bottles in my room when i wake up i think of you it’s our grand finale, it’s the last act of a dying cellphone the last call of a desperate man
chillin w my gurls i can’t wait until the swelling & redness goes down bc it looks like it’s shaded w red & brown but it’s just black & grey lmao it was a bloody mess i have plans for 2 more and then i think i’ll be done for awhile but i’m so happy with these !!!
plz acknowledge my personal @payton.etc i put more effort into my personal than i do this one?? idk i used to try so hard but now this is just my shitpost acc & my personal has more thought to it 🤷🏻‍♀️
when ur a Leo🌞Leo🌝 the most self obsessed insecure person u will ever meet
uhhhhhh me
gay age ? gay(r)age? Hmm 🤔
LOOK at my cat
yknow when u look back at the notes on your phone and see all your horrific jokes and thoughts????? months ago a bug flew at my friend and she said it was annoying how bad the bug wanted to fly close to her mouth and i immediately put it in my notes to make a meme and never did so here we are #meme #memes #nichememes #niche #idk #terriblememes #wowthissucks #sorry
HEY GUYS so it’s finally june & school is out!! tbh i’ve lost a lot of weight (size 8 to 4-6) since starting college & now most of my clothes don’t fit anymore which sucks, but i love them & want other ppl to enjoy them !! they’re all listed on my depop for as cheap as i can bc i’m not tryin to scam y’all. the link is in my bio if youre interested 🖤
boys *observing*: w0w all girls r all so b0ring girl *existing*: meme reference, music interest boys *nutting*: w0w ur nOt liKe aNy giRL i’vE eVeR mEt💦🤤😛
in case u missed the story on my personal (@payton.etc ) i made friends with a crow 🖤
here we gooooo
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