whats up witch

wanna buy an omelette for 5 dollars

@ my last post this is the most iconic photo of me to ever exist and nothing will ever compare sorry i don’t make the rules
idk who made the meme someone just sent it to me but it’s a big mood and my Look today felt a little extra emo. my chemical romance is my favorite band don’t @ me
lol which one should i post on my personal (@payton.etc ) i feel gross and indecisive but the lighting was too good of an opportunity to pass up
this is one of those obscure inside jokes born from a ridiculous conversation but posting it out of context is chill hope u don’t mind #meme #memes #michaelkeaton
ok but look at this cute ass phone case @aestheticasfuccc sent me (i was listening to the griswolds lmao) #ad #aesthetic #phonecase #phonecases #glitter #idk #unicorn #tumblr #video #music
i’m sorry but this is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen and it makes me lose my mind on the regular
nothing but respect for MY president
been feelin spooky lately. this is what i want my entire life to look like
hey hey hey tattoo #2 !!!! (i got the flower back in june and just added the quote today from the same artist bc he was in town again)
i literally don’t wanna do anything but tell stories so like let me know if that’s a format you’re down for but lmao this is lame but as someone who was never invited to a single party (not even birthday parties as a kid or ANYTHING) this was actually made my heart feel warm because these nice people just let themselves go and got smashed for a night and even tho i was sober i still enjoyed myself because they were just so carefree and happy most of the time even if one of them busted her knee running to the dorms to kiss a stranger. it was almost a full 12 hours of absolute ridiculous conversations none of them remember
(idk why some of these saved as such low quality i apologize) wow this is messy but i tried to tag all the brands !!! using SADANDMAGICAL as a code on @soaestheticshop gets you 10% off if you’re interested also they have so many sales it’s GREAT guys tryna save u money for ur warm vibes. @aestheticasfuccc has some of the sickest phone cases y’all need to check out for some spring vibes headin our way #ad #clothes #clothing #aesthetic #tumblr #tumblraesthetic #aestheticedit #pastel #vaporwave #pastel #spring #springfashion
sorry im physically incapable of thinking about anything but the front bottoms and being sad #thefrontbottoms #aesthetic #lyrics #edit #moodboard #lyricedit #idk #tfb #music
misery loves pretty bad company 🖤 gotta take some pics next week that will do this shirt justice because it’s a new favorite im happy to add to the little growing collection. check out @prettybadco and support more artists you guys
maybe a little too niche but its just my Tuesday night #meme #memes #music #thefrontbottoms #thriftshop #goodwill #lmao
i PROMISE I’ll get back to meme-y posts soon ive just had a weird couple of weeks so the internet has been very distant to me for awhile I’m gettin back in the vibe guys just gimme a day or two and it’ll be chill we can go back to talking about dying and some cute stuff too idk in the meantime (not to plug it again buuuut here we go) my personal is @payton.etc and i use that more regularly because it takes less effort and i’m just chillin over there 🤷🏻‍♀️
so many things & so many feelings today. i’ll just make a list instead of trying to explain it with adjectives (i think you’ll understand what i’m trying to say) feel free to ignore - my skin is clear, my hair is dyed a new color, these shirts were a Look, i bought a shirt from a fave band for $5, the sun was out, it’s almost spring, i was up with my new friends until 5 a.m, i made a bed on the floor for my drunk friend and she thanked me for twenty minutes, i’m starting my last quarter of my first year of college soon, everything is going so fast it’s scary, i don’t know what i want to do next year, i miss my cats, my room smells like the rain i can hear outside and clean laundry, my houseplants died, i bought the best hot chocolate i’ve ever had, etc etc etc. i feel full and gentle but also hollow like an egg shell. i’m not necessarily upset or anxious or stressed but also not elated or bursting with happiness. it’s a soft kind of sad. neutral and dusty pink. it makes me want to lay outside on the warm patch of cement my friends and i love so much, or just crawl in bed and enjoy the quiet for a little while. it’s a hopeful kind of heartache, i guess. everything feels surreal, soft and dreamy, but it’s still very melancholy. if you actually read all that i’m sorry for vomiting my feelings at ya but i feel so strange & i’m sad but thriving? tf?? it’s chill time is a social construct and nothing is real anyway lmao #conspiracytheory i’m a bot and have no real feelings
i miss surreal memes this format isn’t nearly as fun #meme #relatable #relatablememes #relatableposts #nichememes #lmao
been flashin triple A passes at the cemetery gates
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