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2nd Place 🥈Olympia Arnold Classic🥇2013,2017 4x IFBB pro champion British Champion UK National Champion Y3T @protan_official @usnfit @gymshark

Awesome first day here in Dublin ahead of this weekends @gymshark event. Going to be a class event....that’s if I can get there 😕 #liftdublin #gymshark #hitchhiking
8.5 weeks out from the @mrolympiallc.... 💪🏼 . Over the years I have come to realise that anything you really desire actually can be achieved! You are the only one that can do the work and make it happen! Don’t look for the easy route or any shortcuts and be sure to ignore that voice in your head saying “just start tomorrow” Tomorrow is another excuse...Start Today! To all my new clients who have joined ... happy to have you on the team and look forward to seeing what changes we can make together! If you are interested in working with myself, then please contact me on the below email for all the information you need 💪🏼 ——————————————— *Online Coaching Programs 📫Email: Coaching@ryanterryfit.com
A bit of Monday Motivation... on the left was when I joined the @usnuk team back in 2010 and on the right was my last prep with them. I have been extremely fortunate to have had @usnuk in my corner for the past 8 years helping me to push through plateaus and perform at my best 💪🏼 We are now 9 weeks out from @mrolympiallc and I am currently using the BCAA Amino gro pre and intra and the Blue Lab Whey post workout for anyone who’s interested 🔵 #challengeyourself #usn
For muscle growth there are hundreds of styles in training, there are many theories to what’s the best style or the biggest factor. One factor in every one of those conversations would be VOLUME! - You don’t grow if you don’t lift! Running the rack training is a preferred style starting with lighter weight and going up by 20-25% each set to heavier and heavier weight, helps you get volume as various loads. Starting lower and working higher also helps you spark that mind to muscle connection, before moving up to big weights where it’s harder to establish specific muscle activation. - If you want to give ascending sets ago then try - 12 reps then increase weight, 10 reps then increase weight, 8 reps then increase weight into partials for 6 reps 💪🏼😎 that’s one set, aim for 4 working sets... - *For Online Coaching 📬Email: Coaching@ryanterryfit.com
Wherever I am in the world I’ve always got time for an @mvmt watch 😜 Code: rterry for $15 off of your order www.mvmtwatches.com ⌚️
9 week check in with @neil_yoda_hill1.... slowly chipping away each week, can’t tell you how motivated I am for this @mrolympiallc 💪🏼 stepping on that stage is one I will never get used too and honoured to be stepping on there for the fourth time in my career...going to be an epic battle in every division this year 😊
One of our first dates over 3 years ago 😍 who’d of thought we would be planning our big day now.... honestly can’t wait for you to be Mrs Terry @amylews13 😬
The word bicep indicates two heads of the muscle. However to have fully developed great looking biceps, you have to address even the muscles outside of those two. The coracobrachialis muscle connects the shoulder and arm near the biceps, and the brachialis muscle connects the forearm and the arm near the biceps as well. I have attached my full bicep routine below for you to give it ago. Focus on a good amount of volume and make sure to bring the intensity and I believe you will not only see, but feel a difference. - *For Online Coaching 📬Email: Coaching@ryanterryfit.com - 💪🏻CONTEST BICEP ROUTINE —————————————— 1⃣Concentration Curls: 4 Sets X 12-15 Reps 2⃣EZ-Bar Curls: 4 Sets X 12-15 Reps 3⃣Cable Curls: 4 Sets X 12-15 Reps 4⃣Hammer Curls: 4 Sets X 12-15 Reps 5⃣Seated Hammer Curls: 4 Sets X 12-15 Reps
10 week check in with @neil_yoda_hill1 💪🏼 feeling great and motivated... still a lot to do but definitely up for the challenge! Current @mrolympiallc stack is the @usnuk BCAA amino gro pre and intro and the new USN blue Lab whey post workout. #challengeyourself #USN . . Why not prep with me? If you are interested then please email me at coaching@ryanterryfit.com for all the information.. It doesn’t have to be for a competition prep, whatever your fitness goal we can achieve together 😊💪🏼
Not many people know this now as it was along time ago but In 2010 when I was still plumbing and working on a construction site I entered a male beauty competition to see if I had the confidence to step on stage and face some fears of mine (this was before the men’s physique division was created). Little did I know at the time that I had entered a very prestigious show which took me around the world and gave me some amazing memories. I won the title of Mister Great Britain and went onto represent my country against 40 other countries across the world in Jakarta, Indonesia... it was a 3 week gruelling competition having to challenge yourself each day in tasks and events against each other. This was the moment I was crowned Mister International 2010 and my life/ career changed for the good. Very grateful for these opportunities as this led me into going down the route of competing in the @ifbb_pro_league and truly doing what I love each day as a career. Now this is some serious motivation for me going forward this week, In 8 years I have achieved a lot but there is still lots to do... less than 10 weeks out....... @mrolympiallc 💪🏼
The body is an amazing machine, literally layers upon layers of systems made of subsystems. The rope tricep pushdown is a common exercise and appears to be more of a simple movement for growth. While a concentric portion, the tricep works in tandem with the lat to stabilize the shoulder and core. Why does it matter? Standing upright, shoulder retracted, and having the lats engaged is going to get you a hell of a lot more bang for you buck. Better fullness and pump in not only your tricep...but lats, shoulders, and overall strength development. - 👉🏻FOR ONLINE COACHING 📬EMAIL: Coaching@ryanterryfit.com - 💪🏻CONTEST TRICEP ROUTINE ======================= 1⃣Cable Pushdowns | 4 Sets X 12-15 Reps 2⃣Rope Pushdowns | 4 Sets X 12-15 Reps 3⃣Close Grip Bench | 4 Sets X 12-15 Reps 4⃣Skull Crushers | 4 Sets X 12-15 Reps 5⃣Dips | 4 Sets X 12-15 Reps
😂 must see latest vlog now uploaded to my YouTube channel... my beautiful fiancée @amylews13 and myself starting our new major house project, the start of my 2018 @mrolympiallc prep and a killer of a leg session down @fusion3uk. Been a crazy few months but saying I’m excited is an understatement 😬 link in my bio guys 😬
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